The Real Life Bragger Kelley

Boots: Ross (Similar) – Socks: Target Leggings: Target Sweater: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Cowl: DIY

Time for a little bragging! I went to step class at the gym on Monday morning. Yup, for me, that is bragging. Now, time for a little real life. About fifteen minutes into the class I realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast, meaning I spent the rest of the class ignoring the instructor’s persistent, “Get those arms up higher!” and “Let’s really break it down!”, and instead focused on not throwing up.  The moral of this story is, even though the point of going to the gym is pretty much to counteract everything I eat, I should still eat before going to the gym… ALWAYS!

-The Real Life Bragger Kelley

P.S. I TOTALLY stole this outfit from Dotty over at Dash Dot Dotty.  Why?  Because she made it look so cute, I just couldn’t helping being an outfit thief.  She’s pretty much cute all the time. Really, just go to her blog and see for yourself.


25 thoughts on “The Real Life Bragger Kelley

  1. very cute outfit! I remember once trying to teach my morning class without eating breakfast and thinking about half way through that if I didn’t eat something I was going to be ill. haha. not the same as the gym, but yeh… 😀

  2. I want that scarf so bad! Loving infinity scarves right now… and I love the mustard color. I see it is DIY… are you selling these anywhere? I’d love one!

  3. I wish I was wearing this outfit right now! So comfy and cute. I tried working out without eating before and it was a total nightmare. Learned my lesson after that.


  4. Hey thurr, catching on ye ole blog. I love the bright mustard with an all neutral outfit. The mixing of knit patterns is really nice, too. So pretty, Kelley!

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