The Logical Straggly Kelley

Boots: Ross (Similar) – Jeans: Thrifted (Guess: EXACT) Sweater: Thrifted (Similar) Necklace: Target

Okay, I HAVE to get my hair trimmed today! The ends of my hair are getting all straggly and it’s driving me nuts.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, publishing it for the world to see really increases the chances of me actually getting my booty into that styling seat. I guess tomorrow you will see how well that logic plays out.

-The Logical Straggly Kelley


19 thoughts on “The Logical Straggly Kelley

    • That would be fun, maybe I’ll have to do one sometime, although I don’t really do all that much to it and I don’t quite have styling down to an art just yet. Perhaps after some more practice 🙂

  1. Totally adored that necklace at Target nad almost bought it…wish I had…looks really darling with stripes! Don’t you love wide-leg jeans, btw?

    ❤ Cambria

  2. Good luck with the hair cut- I always seem to put off getting one, too. Also, I totally made brownies last night after reading yesterday’s post, and totally ate one for breakfast this morning. No judgments here!

  3. I really like the stripe sweater!` you HAVE top teach us to thrift shop, all the t.shops here are welll….not like what ya’ll have

  4. Exactly why I made a bucket list and posted it on my blog. I know my readers will hold me accountable and it’s always fun to share new experiences.

  5. I think your hair looks really lovely here. But I frequently get hair envy. But still, now you’ve said it you’ll have to get it cut.
    This little necklace is to cute. Love the stripes too.

  6. I like the dotted beads of your necklace paired with horizontal stripes. Lovely combo! I desperately need a cut and hanging on by a thread… just a little longer so I can have the right amount to donate to Locks of Love.

  7. I totally feel your pain; my straggles are taking over my life! But my fav hairdresser (aka the only hairdresser I trust not to shave me bald) is two hours away, so I need to really plan in advance. I’m hoping to leave my hair cut until March *gasps!* hope I can make it. Good luck with the straggles 🙂 p.s. loving those pants on you, very flattering 😀

  8. That striped sweater is super cute! Your hair is so pretty, I wish I could get my wavy hair to look as well as yours! I’d just straighten it every day if I had the time, sigh.

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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