The Soul Swearing Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted – Jeans: Old Navy Sweater: Thrifted

Dear Extra Large Sweater Section of Goodwill,

How wonderful it is that you always contain hidden treasures, and you are always ready and willing to give those gems to me, trusting me enough to take them home and lovingly care for them.  Can we please be best friends forever?  I’ll start working on the friendship bracelets so that you’ll have time to stop by Claire’s and buy is these. Then it will be official.  I promise to never take mine off if you promise to wear yours for eternity.  Pinky swear my dear soul sister?

Ever yours,

-The Soul Swearing Kelley

P.S.  It was just a little trim, so in case you can’t tell, I am straggle free!  That means I’ve come to this decision:  Whenever I really need to stop procrastinating and just get something done, I’m going to tell you guys that I’m doing it.  My MacBook combined with the “publish” button on WordPress may as well be a stone tablet and chisel, because if I post it, it happens.


28 thoughts on “The Soul Swearing Kelley

  1. Hair looks great – way to get things done Kelley! Loving that sweater – the pattern is awesome! My best friend isn’t a person either (it’s my J. Crew bag) – so, I totally get it. Hope you and the goodwill section will be very happy together 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. LOVE this sweater, it seems like my local Goodwill always has awesome things in the ‘extra large sweater’ section too. The pattern on this one is just so cool.

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