The Wool Wearing Kelley

Boots: Ross (Similar) Skirt(worn as dress): Thrifted Sweater: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Cowl: DIY

I know this outfit is a little bit country and contains absolutely NO rock and roll… But, it is a whole lot-a-bit wool. In addition, it’s the nice soft, “I’m floating on clouds…” type of wool, rather than the, “Who hired this alien fabric to attach itself to me and attack my skin all day?!” type.  So, while it may not have a catchy beat or screaming guitar solo, it’s still the kind of comfy outfit that I can get down with that this winter.

-The Wool Wearing Kelley


20 thoughts on “The Wool Wearing Kelley

  1. Best outfit yet! LOVE the colours and textures of that scarf/sweater together…the legwarmers peeking out of your boots…and that really darling floral print.

    ❤ Cambria

  2. That little excerpt would make a GREAT commercial for wool – you know – like the Cotton commercials? It looks SO comfy and warm and cute – and I just love the way you belted it 🙂 Always a sucker for the socks with boots as well!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Aww you look so cute in the pics, such a pretty smile! 🙂 And a lovely outfit! The skirt looks so good with the matching cardi and scarf (and how cool that they have similar textures)! 🙂

    Also thanks a lot for the compliment, I adore the A Beautiful Mess blog! ❤

  4. UM,,, ok,,,,,,,,,,I somehow missed this post,,, BUT I am SOOO in love with this outfit!!!!!!!! um,,, guess I am country,,but I don’t play “that music” lol

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