The Frugal Decorating Kelley

I know this isn’t an outfit post, and for that I am very sorry. I’ve been wearing clothes, I promise. It’s just been a little too busy around here lately to snap photos of my outfits. Still, this blog is supposed to be about all kinds of things that make me smile, and upgrading this lamp the other day made me smile for sure!

I’ve been wanting a pretty yellow lamp in our yellow and gray living room for a while now, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked that was also within our budget… AKA cheap. Seriously, I even saw something that I liked at Target, but it was still $40 before adding on a shade. So, when I went to Goodwill on half off day and saw this:

I decided to grab it. It wasn’t the right color at all and it had some scrapes and rust spots, but the shape was lovely, the price was perfect ($3?… SCORE!) and I was sure that I could make it beautiful. After everything was said and done (lamp, shade, paint, sanding sponge), this lamp project cost me $15. So what do you guys think? Did I succeed?

This was such a great way to add some fun color and detail to our home, I thought you might enjoy trying it yourself. So, here’s a little tutorial.

Then enjoy your new home decor while also smiling about all of the money that’s still in your bank account.

-The Frugal Decorating Kelley

P.S.  That should go “step 7” then “step 8” but apparently I’ve forgotten how to count.  Please forgive me. 😉


19 thoughts on “The Frugal Decorating Kelley

  1. Oooo great DIY Kelley! I’m really loving that shade of yellow 🙂 and bwahaha I know what you mean about mixing up numbers….I always have to proof read my posts a million times before posting….and I still wind up with many typos! booooo 😦 hehe

  2. ok I”m so glad you put this online cause I’ve been looking for just the same exact type of lamp for my house but can’t find anything affordable, and yes I did try Target too!! not my price range at all. this looks like it came this way and I love the professional look to it! very nice 🙂 always love your style.

    The House of Shoes

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