The Twelfth Photobooth Friday Kelley

Time for some Photobooth Friday fun!

Pants: Thrifted (Guess) – Top: Thrifted –  Scarf: Old Navy

I was recently informed by my husband that the phrase, “Make ends meet” is not, “Make ends meat”… Apparently I had a gap in knowledge that I was unaware of.  In my defense, I was still using it correctly.  I thought of it as somebody working really hard and saving money in order to still have enough meat to feed themselves by the end of the month… Okay, now that I type it out it sounds WAY more stupid than it did in my head.  Oh well, I guess you get a “Random STUPID Kelley fact” this week 😉


-The Twelfth Photobooth Friday Kelley


14 thoughts on “The Twelfth Photobooth Friday Kelley

  1. Tht made me laugh so hard!!! I’d never thought of it as “meet” but your version is hilarious. Whole new meaning (or lack thereof).

    ❤ Cambria

  2. I have two for you…

    I always thought it was A-Track instead of 8-Track. Just made more sense in my head until my stepfather explained that there were eight tracks on them. Ha!

    Until well into my college studies, I thought the saying was “for all intensive purposes” not “for all intents and purposes.” The first just seems to be more serious and important. This is an intensive purpose, man, listen to me! :o)

    • HA! AND I just learned a NEW thing that I’ve been saying wrong! I totally thought it was “intensive purposes”! It makes WAY more sense now. Wow, I really need to take some kind of language course apparently.

  3. Haha how cute you are! This misunderstanding of the saying is great, that’s totally something that could happen to me too! Or let’s say I assume that with English not being my mother tongue these misunderstandings might happen to me all of the time without me noticing them haha 😉

    Anyway, you look lovely in the pics! 🙂

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