The Nine-Year-Old Fearing Kelley

Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted Clutch: Thrifted Top: Old Navy Necklace: Gift (Mother-in-law)

If my third grade tomboy self saw me wearing red and pink in one outfit AND lipstick to boot, she would beat me up for sure. Strangely enough, my 24 year old self enjoys this combo.  Let’s just hope we don’t invent time machines anytime soon though.  Nine-year-old Kelley has long nails, and she’s a scratcher…

-The Nine-Year-Old Fearing Kelley

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


36 thoughts on “The Nine-Year-Old Fearing Kelley

  1. You look SO effortlessly beautiful! I love this outfit, and that thirfted clutch is just awesome. Hope you have an awesome Valentines day (and that your 9yr old self doesn’t find you anytime soon). 🙂

    • Effortlessly beautiful is probably one of the biggest compliments anyone can get! Thanks! Oh, and I totally thought of you when I thrifted this clutch. You always seem to find such cute ones.

  2. super cute outfit. I’m wearing the same color combo in my post today but I’m loving that you paired your red skirt with a lighter pink. You look great:)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. My nine-year-old self would have been a little confused by all this red and pink combination going on, but it’s so cute! What a fabulous thrifted skirt.

  4. it’s always interesting to consider what your younger self would’ve thought about your current style. that being said, the 5 year old and 25 year old version of me are both scared of wearing pink & red, but you however pulled it off wonderfully. love it.

  5. You look gorgeous! You rock the red + pink trend perfectly.

    I think a lot about how little tomboy me would see me now. I had a deep, deep HATRED of pink/dresses/anything “frilly.” Nine year-old Hannah would probably beat up current Hannah too!

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