The Painful Shameful Kelley

Chucks: Target (Exact) Jeans: Forever21 (Similar) Top: Thrifted (Similar) Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)

  Necklace: Forever21 (similar)

Today, I am sorry to say that I have a sad story for you all. It is a story of pain and dread, a story of shame and regret. Yet still, somewhere in my heart of hearts, I believe that it is also a story of hope.

I rarely buy or drink coffee.  I do however go to Starbucks on a regular basis to meet up with friends and clients.  So, last week when I again found myself sitting in Starbucks for a meetup, I suddenly felt bad for never giving back to the establishment that I so often frequent.  As a result of this feeling (and to make it go away), I bought myself a Mocha Frappuccino, because while I don’t usually get down with the bitter flavor of coffee, I can, now and then, force down a caffeinated beverage that tastes more like a milkshake and is covered in whipped-cream.  Truth be told, I would have preferred a whole cup of whipped-cream, but I was too ashamed to order it.

Later on in the evening, all was going well.  I was chatting and knitting away with friends while sipping my, “I now feel less guilty about sitting here” fancy coffee drink.  And then it happened.  Just before my last sip, a dollop of frozen chocolaty coffee somehow defied the laws of gravity, jumped out of my cup, and into my lap, right on my beautiful white shirt.  If shirts can feel pain, I’m sure this one was screaming in agony.  As I dabbed my blouse with a brown entersomenumberhere%  recycled paper Starbucks napkin, I immediately regretted my decision to not order a whole cup of white, nonstaining, whipped topping.

Today, as I apply bleach and other cleaning solutions to this top, please join with me in hoping that laundry miracles can happen… And if you feel so inclined, order a cup of whipped-cream from Starbucks today in memory of this poor blouse… Hey, it’s for a good cause, you should probably do it.

-The Painful Shameful Kelley


33 thoughts on “The Painful Shameful Kelley

  1. This is a sad day. I hope the stain comes out. Blame Starbucks. It’s what I do to solve my problems in life. That top looks so cute with the green cardigan too.


  2. Oh no!! And on such a beautiful top!

    I’ve done the same thing before. I frequent Starbucks for the coffee (by way of the drive thru) and I have spilled/splattered many a dribble of coffee on my clothes. I keep a Tide pen with me and spray it with Oxi-Clean when I can. Oxi-Clean can handle anything!! Just ask my grey/white striped Banana Republic shirt…

  3. Oh no! Good luck with the stain. I can’t drink straight coffee either, so I always get mocha mixed coffee drinks too.

    I love this casual outfit, Kelley! You look great. That sweater is such a lovely color on you 🙂

  4. Oh no! Alas and alack! That shirt is too darling to be stained forever, please scrub it out 😦 Looooove that necklace, btw…it’s really fun!

    ❤ Cambria

  5. LOL! OH NO! your poor shirt! I am such a messy eater though, I have learned to stop wearing white all together. These types of stories never end well for me! BUT your outfit today is super adorable! I love the polka dots with the green cardigan! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  6. This is so sad! My sister gave me this spray called “Wine Out” (semi-joke, semi-not-a-joke due to my love of red wine) that you put on stains on clothes. It actually is AMAZING and has taken out any stain my shirts acquire, wine or not.

  7. sorry about your shirt! I hope it comes out! I LOVE this outfit – I was trying to wear skinny jeans and similar shoes today and was not happy with how it was looking – but you look awesome in this!

  8. Oh noes! I’m such a klutz this sort of thing is inevitable for me. I wish I had better tip for you than just ‘wash it and hope’. Just don’t let the stain sit to long and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Love the outfit by the way it’s very cute.

  9. Love the dots + that cheerful green! I don’t know why, but I’ve been crazy about the color green lately. Hope the stain comes out! You’re right — it’s safer for your clothes (and tastier) just to get that cup of whipped cream.

  10. oh no, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for a laundry miracle. well for what it’s worth, i think this will be my next ‘casual friday’ creation. i love this outfit.

  11. Absolutely lovely outfit! Sad to hear about the stain 😦 As much as I love the crispness of white clothing, I just can’t wear it because I am super-dee-duper-messy!

    P.S. Not all coffee is bitter! Coffee can have so many different delicious natural flavors when it’s roasted and brewed properly. Do a search for ‘specialty coffee shops’ in your area and see if anything pops up… I only preach this because I know it to be true – I work as a barista for an amazing cafe in Philadelphia and we’ve turned so many non-coffee-drinkers around. It might sound strange, but try lighter roasts- they have a ton more flavor, especially when they’re single-origin (from one country, not a blend of multiple countries). Look into roasting companies like Counter Culture and Gimme Coffee – you can’t go wrong there!

  12. Oh no! I hope you can get the stain out. I will definitely have some whipped cream in this shirt’s honor today.

    On a happy note, you look adorable in this outfit and green is such a lovely color on you!

  13. So tragic. I have wrecked many many favorites shirts via spill. I’ll be crossing some fingers and toes for good luck in getting the stains out.
    Next time order a steamer- frothy steamed milk an flavored syrup. (I’m a die-hard daaaark roast coffee fan, but a good coconut steamer got me through the middle school coffee house hang out experience)

  14. I love the casual, yet ladylike vibe of this outfit. Hope the stain comes out! After the arrival of a kiddo, who is now three, stains and mess have become a constant in my life. At first I stopped wearing “nice” things around him and then I decided that was no fun for me. It’s a very good thing that I don’t spend a lot of dough on any one item of clothing.

  15. Oh, no! Hope it comes out, because this outfit could not be more adorable. Such great colors and so put together looking but fabulously effortless and laid back… must remember this for the weekend!

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