The Forgetful Kelley

Shoes: Forever21 (Similar) Dress: Thrifted (NY&C) Sweater: Forever21 (Similar) Necklace: Thrifted

I wore this outfit on Sunday, but because we were so busy, I didn’t get around to taking these photos until Tuesday.  While putting this outfit back on for photos, I had a slight lapse in memory and couldn’t recall which shoes I paired this look with. So, thinking I was doing something totally normal, I asked my husband, “Do you remember which shoes I wore on Sunday?”

At this point, my husband laughed out loud and responded, “You might as well ask me what shirt my father was wearing on the day I was born.  I have NO idea.”

Then, thinking my question was SO absurd, he posted it on facebook and insisted that no man out there would know what shoes his wife wore two days ago.  While that MAY be true, he got MULTIPLE comments from friends of ours who are girls and DID remember what shoes I wore.

This has taught me two things:

1. Dressing FOR my husband (as opposed to dressing for myself) is a bit pointless, because while he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, he’s a man and doesn’t notice my clothing for more than a minute and a half.

2. If that many girls can remember the shoes I wore two days ago… I need to start picking my shoes more carefully.

Yup, I now have shoe anxiety…

-The Forgetful Kelley


31 thoughts on “The Forgetful Kelley

  1. This is SO funny! Whenever I ask the hubs his opinion of my outfit – he never gives me the feedback I’m looking for – but then again, he probably knows I’m not going to listen to what he says anyway, haha. This color combo is awesome – and I love the shoes you paired with it 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. ROFL – that is too funny. My husband would be the same way!

    I do really like your bright colored dress, it is so happy and cheery feeling! The necklace is awesome too, it’s kind of funky – in a good way!

  3. Haha, frequently when I ask my boyfriend to take outfit photos he asks, ‘Didn’t you wear this already?’.

    I love your dress and its bright color, especially paired with the navy cardigan! Lovely outfit 🙂

    • Haha that’s awesome! My husband might not notice if I wore the same thing all week lol. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he REALLY doesn’t pay attention to clothing. I think I could get HIM to wear the same outfit all week if I just kept washing his clothes and putting the same pieces at the front of the closet lol.

  4. I am DYING. That’s too funny–both the reaction from your hubby, and your friends saving the day! That’s my life.

    And those shoes are amazing with that outfit. And kind of unexpected. I would have remembered them too!

  5. i couldn’t wait to scroll down and see where you bought that great necklace from so i could copy you. and then i read, “thrifted.” i am JEALOUS of this thrift find and mad that i can’t buy one! I love it!

    • I’m so sorry! I would totally tell you where it came from originally, but I have NO idea. All I know is that I hate paying more than a few bucks for accessories, which means they are often thrifted.

  6. Of course your girl friends remembered your shoes! Gotta love Facebook…

    Love the color combination here, btw. And of course that necklace is seriously awesome.

  7. Hahaha…see, I get worried because my hubby DOES notice and remember what I’m wearing! He insists that he loves everything in my wardrobe right now…but we always have these episodes in the mall where I squeal and grab something I love off a rack just as he pulls a “puke” face and points at the same object. So sometimes I wonder 😀

    Love this bright colour on you, great with your hair and skin! Beautiful smile as always 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

  8. Aw man… I don’t think I can remember the shoes that I was wearing two days ago either… I think your friends must have super memories. Or they thought the shoes were so cute that they remembered them. I never remember when my wear ugly shoes, but I do remember so pretty cute black pumps from a couple weeks ago…

    • Thanks! I should have thrown these shoes in the trash LONG ago. The soles are completely shot! But, it doesn’t really rain or snow that often here, so as long as my feet stay dry I’m keeping them.

  9. Love the story. I’m strange and often recall memories based around my outfits (including all the details, down to my shoes), but not only that, I often remember what other people were wearing. Honestly, it’s not something that I try to do. This ability has helped me remember names quite well.

  10. Haha, this sounds like a conversation I would have with my husband. He can remember sports statistics back from when he was a kid, but he couldn’t tell you what I wore yesterday. But I’m the opposite–I’m usually pretty good about remembering what I wore and what other people wore, but I couldn’t tell you any details from a sporting event!

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