The Even Steven Kelley

Shoes: Target (Similar) Jeans: Thrifted (Express) Top: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted

My husband’s first reaction to this outfit was that I looked like I was rocking it Donald Duck style…

His second comment was that my legs looked longer than ever.

So, we’ll just call that breaking even.

-The Even Steven Kelley

P.S. Apparently I should change the name of my blog to, “What Kelley’s Husband Says About Her Outfits”.


31 thoughts on “The Even Steven Kelley

  1. I LOVE that bow – is it attached to the blouse or did you make it yourself? Either way – super cute! And hey, at least the hubs is noticing the outfits right? And his comments do make for some funny blog posts 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. At first I was like, “Huh? Donald Duck? What’s he talking about?” Then I realized – it’s the bow tie. Men really don’t have a fashion sense, do they?

    I’m still jealous that you thrifted that top, by the way.

  3. Boys are silly. Donald Duck is quite stylish in a nautical inspired get-up. And what Katherine says above totally cracks me up. No pants. I’ll never look at Donnie the same, ever again. Anyhow, I am loving the ribbon bow tie.

  4. Yeah go on, make me regret not buying those awesome bootcut jeans at GAP yesterday. Now I’ll have to drive 3 whole hours back to France to get them… Or I could order them online.

    I love this look Kelley! You rock ‘m bootcuts 😀 xo Nikki

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