The Tightly Holding Kelley

Chucks: Target (Exact) Pants: H&M (Exact) Sweater: Forever21 (Similar) Button-down: Thrifted (Similar)

So, the other day we were doing some location scouting, and one of the security guards at the location we were at saw our camera.

“Picture time?” he asked.  We responded in the positive, and then he went on to ask us what we were taking pictures of.

“Her”, said my husband, pointing at me. (For some reason I always have to be the model on these trips.)

“Oh, for school?”

Wait what?  At that point, I realized that he either thought that we were both doing a school project, or we were taking my senior photos, either way he was my new best friend.  However, while I stood there holding on tightly to the idea that somebody MAY still mistake me for a teenager, my husband busted up laughing and informed the safety officer that we had indeed been married for five years and were both very much adults. My moment was over…

-The Tightly Holding Kelley

P.S.  I straight up stole (because I guess I don’t know how to steal non-straight…?) this outfit from this photo.  Isn’t it ADORABLE?!


29 thoughts on “The Tightly Holding Kelley

  1. Well, you do look kinda like a teenager in that outfit. In a good way.

    I got mistaken for a teenager or at least college student a lot too. I really don’t mind it one way or another, but it infuriates my best friend because she’s two years younger than me and people always assume she’s the older one.

  2. Ha, to cute. My mother found my old senior pictures the other day, TERRIBLE.
    Love this outfit though, the bow on your head is adorable, totally perfect for senior photos 😉

    • Don’t you hate it when that happens?! I feel like I’m that way with lots of trends. It took me SO long to finally rock the top knot because I was convinced I looked like a lunatic even though I thought it looked great on everyone else.

  3. I love those moments too – or when I am the only one in a group of friends that still gets carded when we go out, those moments make my day!

    I love this outfit – it’s carefree and fun!

  4. Cute story! I got carded the other day when I ordered a glass of wine and took it as a compliment. 😀
    Love this outfit — simple & fun! I’m all for theft when the outcome looks this good. 🙂

  5. This was a great steal…way to mastermind it. I love the bow on your sweet little head, it’s soooo cute!

    ❤ Cambria

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