The Very First Thriftly Inspired Kelley

Blue/Green Water Color Print Dress

(Want to see a little more? Check out the full post for this inspiration piece here)

Bargain Beauty: This floral dress from Target is only $17.48! It’s a great deal and I love its breezy shape.  As far as my reasoning behind picking it, the color and print are beautiful and very similar to my thrifted dress inspiration.

Lavishly Lovely:  This “Too Much Fun Dress” is from ModCloth and is $79.99.  The shades of blue and green are significantly lighter than the thrifted piece, but the shape and watercolor inspired print are dead on!  I’m sure this would be a fun dress to twirl in.

-The Very First Thriftly Inspired Kelley


17 thoughts on “The Very First Thriftly Inspired Kelley

  1. Great idea…I love the price/style comparison. Thanks for posting about your lovely dress too, now I’m gonna go look for my own version 🙂

    ❤ cambria

  2. I agree that this will be a great series! I wasn’t sure what you meant in your description, but this was cool! Thanks!

  3. This is such a great idea! I’m always bummed when bloggers have cute clothes only to find it was “thrifted”. It feels like there’s no chance of you finding something similar…. until now! 😉

  4. What an interesting idea! I have never thought about thrifting in this way. Usually, when someone wearing a piece that I like and they had thrifted it, I don’t think twice about ever being able to find it or something similar!

  5. I’m excited about this feature! I’ve certainly had plenty of those “oh no, it’s thrifted!” moments when reading outfit posts and seeing a piece that I love, ha!

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