The Sidetracked Kelley

Boots: Ross (Similar) Socks: Target (Similar) Blue Dress: Old Navy (Similar in RED)

Button Dress: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted (Similar) Necklace: Target

I wore this last weekend when I helped throw a baby sprinkle for a friend of mine.  Yes, a baby “Sprinkle”.  That’s right, I don’t have any children, but I am at that point in my life when ALL of my friends have babies, so I’m pretty up on baby lingo.  For example, I know that when you have a party for a baby that is not your first baby, it’s called a “Sprinkle” and NOT a “shower”. I know that when people say they are a “baby wearer” they don’t mean that they use babies to cover their whole bodies, they just strap their baby into a sling and carry it around.  I am however still a little confused about the difference between a play-pen and a packNplay.  Apparently one of them is a baby prison that you will be castigated for even mentioning and the other is a paradise that all babies dream about one day catching a glimpse of.

Wow… How did I just end up talking about weird baby things for a whole paragraph?  I swear I was going to talk about this outfit… I guess I should go do some grown up things now… Like do taxes… or… Do some kind of exercise that I in no way enjoy.

-The Sidetracked Kelley

P.S.  Thanks for all of your feedback on the Thrifted Inspiration Series!  It sounds like you guys will enjoy it, so just let me know when you would like to see me use a piece as inspiration and I’ll keep those posts coming 🙂


31 thoughts on “The Sidetracked Kelley

  1. LOL, yeah, I’m up on the baby lingo too because of my friends even if I don’t have any yet either. This is such a cute outfit! I love that you layered a dress over a dress – I’d never think to do that and now I want to try it!

  2. A baby sprinkle? Isn’t that kinda unfair to all kids who are not firstborns? Maybe I only feel that way because I’m a second child…

    I love the dress layering. I always layer a shirt under my sleeveless dresses, but I never thought to layer another dress with it.

    • I think the idea is just that you may not need quite as much stuff the second time around, but people still really want to celebrate with you and throw a party anyway. I understand though, I’m a second child too 😉

  3. You are so funny! I’ve never heard of a baby sprinkle before. That’s a cute way to say it.

    I love how you wore those dresses! They look lovely with those boots. 🙂

  4. LOL well if it makes you feel any better, I have three kids and I have never heard of a baby sprinkle. That is interesting. I LOVE your dress/jumper. It is absolutely adorable and I love your layering here with the dress/jumper and the socks and boots. Great look Kelly!

    • See, now I would TOTALLY call the dress on top a jumper, but it seems like nobody else has ever heard of that. And to make things even more confusing, all of those folks over in the UK call sweaters jumpers… weird. Okay, rant over.

  5. Wow this outfit is so pretty! I love the layered dresses, such a smart idea! Great necklace and boots too, everything is put together so well! Love your style 🙂

  6. Too funny! I didn’t know there was a difference between a PacknPlay and a Play Pen either…

    I love this outfit, though. C’mon spring!

  7. Haha…I just finished taxes. And I HATE keeping in shape unless it’s dancing…so I’ve lost all muscle and tone since I stopped that 🙂 Really loving that button down over-thingy (real technical)…super fun to style, I would think.

    ❤ Cambria

  8. I love the little blue dress peeking out under the grey one, it can be hard to layer dresses but these look so cute together.
    I’ve heard ‘baby wearer’ before but I’ve never heard the term ‘baby sprinkle’. I don’t know if that is cute or kinda obnoxious.

  9. I have two kids and I have never heard of a “sprinkle”…love it!!
    Such a great look with the layering of the dresses in different textures!

  10. OH, btw, while reading this at wk, a Doc, (who NEVER talks to me) stops, grabs my mouse and looks at ALL ur pics sayin Whotook these shots the lighting is AMAZING ,,, so I told him about your BUSINESS lol

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