The Alien Language Deciphering Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted Jeans: Old Navy (Similar) Top: Hand-me-down from a friend (Similar)

Buttondown: Target (Similar) Necklace: Forever21

So, yesterday was the day of the dreaded eye doctor appointment.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I only cried a “little bit” which I’m going to consider a success.  Although, having tears in your eyes makes it WAY harder to read all of those tiny letters they’re throwing at you!

I know it seems silly to cry during an eye appointment, but after not being able to read the top line of the eye chart about 10 times, you start to feel pretty stupid, and kind of get the feeling that the doctor is questioning your knowledge of the alphabet… Or perhaps she’s playing some kind of sick trick on you in which she switched out normal letters for some strange alien language.  And let’s be honest, while it would be cool if my eye doctor knew an alien language, it’s NOT cool to judge my eyesight based on my ability to decipher it. Not cool at all.

-The Alien Language Deciphering Kelley

P.S.  Why do I talk about aliens so much on this blog….?

P.P.S.  All joking aside, the doctor I went to was REALLY nice.  Thanks to my awesome friend Lacee for recommending her 🙂


27 thoughts on “The Alien Language Deciphering Kelley

  1. Agreed with my fellow readers that this is a really cute look. So what’s the eye doctor’s verdict then? I need to go to one when I get home too. I don’t have to wear glasses most of the time, but the frames my parents got me are so small that they hardly fit my lobsters’ eyes 😛

    • I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, I’ve just needed a new prescription for about 9 months, so I haven’t had a good pair in a while. The verdict is that I have to get a new pair, KEEP wearing them, and doing so more regularly. I have no need for a prescription in my right eye, but my left eye has some astigmatism and is farsighted.

  2. This look looks awesome on you. I like how you took a simple shirt and added the checkered shirt over it! I have an green shirt for st. pattys day and was trying to come up with a way to wear it…! This is deff an option.

  3. Love this casual + sweet look on you! And that top is hot pink enough to qualify as neon 🙂 At least in my book. I am a little bit of a wimp when it comes to wearing neon…which is partly why neon is the first “Trend of the Month Challenge”…You should join in next week!

    And I think I would cry too if I couldn’t read the top line. How frustrating!
    XO – Marion

  4. great casual look
    yes, i was following your saga on twitter
    i feel for you , cuz my eyes just get worse and worse and it is so frustrating!!
    btw, I have a little shout out to you on the blog today 🙂

  5. Last time I was at the eye doctor and I could not read the chart and it felt like they were playing a joke on me and laughing! Live the wider leg jeans you are styling!

  6. i have had many a meltdown in optometrist offices due to not being able to read even the biggest lettered lines… it is a terrible feeling. but i’ve come to realize that even though my eyesight is so poor, i still have to go through it to make sure my eyes stay healthy. i’m so glad you got through your appointment, i seriously can tell you with certainty that i know how anxiety provoking it is!!

    • Whew, it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that feels this way about the eye doctor. It’s like, yeah I can do this… but then after a few minutes of just not being able to read ANYTHING I feel like saying, “Okay, I don’t want to play this game anymore. Let’s be done now.”

  7. Ugh, I also cannot read the top line of the eye chart.I’m like ‘Uhh… that is probably an N?’ They don’t even ask me to anymore. So don’t feel bad.

    But speaking from experience you should ABSOLUTELY wear them more often. It may have been a coincidence but the year that I never-ever-wore-my-dorky-eyeglasses in middle school is the year my eyes went SUPER bad. Now that I wear them regularly I’m pretty steady from year to year.

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