The Brunching Farmer Kelley

Sandals: Thrifted –  Jeans: Old Navy (Similar) Top: Target (Similar)

Scarf: Old Navy (Similar on sale!)

A couple of weekends back, my husband and I drove past a Farmer’s Market right as they were closing things down.  I was suddenly really sad that we hadn’t gone, and I decided right then and there that we WOULD be going soon.  So, last Friday night I informed my husband that we would be getting up early on Saturday to hit up the Farmer’s Market in the morning.  He heard the words “get up early” with “Saturday” and just laughed.

He did agree to go if we happened to roll out of bed in time, but gave me the honest answer that waking up early on a Saturday, on PURPOSE is just silly.  I couldn’t help but agree.

Lucky for me, we were both up and ready to see the world by about 9:30 AM, all on our own. We had a little Farmer’s Market brunch date and it was WONDERFUL.

-The Brunching Farmer Kelley


24 thoughts on “The Brunching Farmer Kelley

  1. Love the pop of color from your scarf! Orange looks great on you 🙂

    I’m glad you two were able to have a Farmers Market brunch date… sounds fun!

  2. We always make plans like this too, but never follow through in the name of Sleeping In. Love your casual brunch outfit, and even though I actually think that bratwurst is really gross this photo kind of looks delicious.

  3. I read this post out loud to my boyfriend because it sounds exactly like what would happen if I asked him to wake up early on a Saturday to go to a farmer’s market. Except, unlike your husband, I don’t envision my boyfriend waking up any earlier than 11am on a Saturday. So, no farmer’s market dates for us!

    PS. That hot dog/sausage looks AMAZE-ing!

  4. That sounds like a great (and yummy) time, and your outfit is perfect for that!

    I’ve always wanted to go to my local Farmer’s Market, but I pretty much have the same reaction as your husband when I think about it 😛 But then again I get up early for book sales, so why not do the same for a Farmer’s Market, right?

  5. Farmer’s markets are the perfect weekend date in my opinion. Plus, it’s a great place for a casual cool outfit and a great place for future outfit inspiration.

  6. It is hard to get up on purpose on a Saturday morning, but Farmer’s Markets do make it worth it. We haven’t gone lately–I need to change that! I love how your scarf adds a fun pop of color and print to your relaxed look!

  7. That orange scarf is such a great dash of color! The Mr. and I are not good at waking up early on the weekend either, although we have vague plans for breakfast somewhere scenic if we ever do wake up on time … 🙂

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