The Second Thriftly Inspired Kelley

Key Print Top

(Want to see a little more? Check out a full post for this inspiration piece here, here, or here)

Bargain Beauty: This Key-Print Crop Tee from Charlotte Russe is only $15.99!  As a cropped top, it is definitely in a different style and shape when compared to the inspiration piece.  It does however have a very similar vintage key print that I love.  I think this top would be great in the spring or summer time over a maxi dress, with a pair of high waisted shorts (like this), or tucked into a high waisted skirt (like this).

Lavishly Lovely This Patterson J. Kincaid Blouse is a Bloomingdale’s exclusive and is $138.00.  Let’s be honest guys, this is more than I would EVER spend on a blouse.  But, if you’re going to splurge, this is a pretty great top to do it on.  It has the same creamy, breezy feel of the inspiration piece, while being even lighter!  Not to mention the fact that it has the sweetest mini vintage key-print detail I’ve ever seen. I really love the little red buttons as well. If I ever did splurge and buy this top, I think I would wear it all the time!

-The Second Thriftly Inspired Kelley


17 thoughts on “The Second Thriftly Inspired Kelley

  1. I’ve long coveted this key print top…I saw a t-shirt dress at H&M with a very similar print…might end up in my closet 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

  2. For once in my life, I like the cheaper version better! You should get some kind of award for making that happen Kelley – because I’m cursed and it never does, even when I don’t know the prices, I always manage to pick THE most expensive version. Anyway, super cute and lovin’ this feature 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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