The Warby Parker Trying Kelley

As you know, I recently forced myself to go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription.  I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, so while this was nothing new to me, it was still a bit scary (check out this post to see why).  However, with a new prescription, comes some new frames.  So, I promised myself that if I powered through and actually went to the ophthalmologist, I would do the Warby Parker Try-on at Home program.

You guys have heard of this right?!  You go to the Warby Parker website, pick out five frames that you like, and they ship them to you for FREE for five days.  During that time you can try them on, get other people’s opinions on the frames, and just have fun playing dress up.  Then you use their prepaid shipping label to send them back.  After your try-on session, you can send them your prescription and the frame you want, and the glasses of your choice are yours for $95 (if you don’t end up liking any of them you’re free not to order any)!  In addition, for every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, they donate a pair to someone in need.

Sounds like a pretty awesome program huh?  Well, I thought so.  So I did it, and I picked four of my favorite frames to share with you.  I got the opinions of a few friends, but I KNEW I needed to get your guys’ opinions too!  So, here goes!

1. The Thatcher:  In MY opinion, these are the ones that photograph the best for sure.  I mean come on, how awesome do I look in those photos?  Pretty dang awesome right?!  Still, in person, these bad boys look HUGE.  We’re talking CLOWN glasses huge.  Not even kidding, multiple people told me this pair looked like clown glasses on my face.

2. The Webb:  Everyone that I asked told me that these ones look the best.  And in person, I agree.  But looking at these photos I feel like they actually seem a bit small and a lot like my current frames. Maybe it’s just because all of the other frames I got were so big.  Maybe it’s because I’m LOVING the BIG glasses trend right now (although if that goes out of style anytime soon I’ll be up a creek if I buy big ones). Maybe I’m just playing it safe… Or maybe these are the ones?

3. The Sinclair:  These ones were pretty popular among my friends as well.  I like that they’re a different shape than I’ve ever tried.  I also like that while they’re not regular old black, they seem like they’ll still match most of my daily outfits. I do however have two qualms with this pair. One, the different shape seems to give quite a bit of extra accentuation to my nose… an area of my face that doesn’t really need any EXTRA accentuating.  And two, while I love that these glasses are very “different” change scares me, and I have to LIVE in these frames for years to come.

4. The Beckett:  While I REALLY like the shape and size of these ones, I wish I would have ordered them in the “striped chestnut” color. The “Revolver Black Matte” finish that I ordered them in was a bit too matte.  When I put them on it looked like I was wearing the disposable frames they give you when you go see a 3D movie. Not really the look I’m going for.


So, while none of them REALLY stood out to me as the “ONES” I did like them all in their own way.  But of course, I also found reasons to be afraid to commit to any one pair.  I’m thinking about maybe doing one more home try on (including some different colors and shapes).  But maybe I’m just second guessing myself and one of these pairs is IT.  It’s a tough choice knowing you have to pick a pair that you will like for years to come.  What do YOU guys think?



The Warby Parker Trying Kelley


** This post is NOT sponsored by Warby Parker, I just think this is a great company that has some awesome glasses and programs that I wanted to share with you :)**


24 thoughts on “The Warby Parker Trying Kelley

  1. I’d go for the third pair. They’re still big enough to make you look awesome, but small enough that it doesn’t look like they’re eating your face 😛

  2. No 1 and 4 look to harsh on you. Barely anyone can get away with wearing those kind of big black frames! =) I love the Webb the most too, but if you like the big glasses trend the sinclair suits you really well as well! ^^ x

  3. Well apparently I have unpopular taste! I agree with you…the Thatcher and Sinclair are not maybe the most versatile or flattering of the four (although you could easily wear either…so lucky you look amazing in glasses!). I love the Webb, but like you, feel that they don’t have enough Kelley Pizzazz to them? So I’m going with the Beckett in a different shade…they’re a little bigger and funner (hehe), but aren’t too much for your style or face.

    ❤ cambria

  4. Sinclair! Sinclair! Sinclair!
    Maybe I am just biased/jealous, since I have never found a rounded shape that looked decent on me, but I definitely think you need some round ones in your life. Not only can you pull them off, but they are bigger, yet the shape doesn’t make them too ‘trendy’. 🙂
    You win either way though!

  5. So fun – I’ve been wanting to do one of these sample packs just because I love trying on glasses (even though I hardly need to wear them these days after lasik…)

  6. Sooo crazy! I was just on their website the other day trying to decide on some frames to try on, too! My current glasses are slightly broken (but not unwearable), and I’ve been spending almost a year trying to find glasses that I love.


    I know what you mean about wanting to do something different and branch out, but I think The Webb style looks best. If you really, really want to do something different than what you already have, I would go with The Beckett (and maybe do another try-on with a different color in that style?). The first style looked way too big, and I agree with you on the third style (it accentuates your nose. BUT it also doesn’t look horrible).

  7. How fun! I appreciate that you included all of us in this big decision. I just went through the experience of buying eyeglasses a few weeks ago and was so impatient, I couldn’t even wait to do anything by mail, so the eye doctor’s office it was! I voted for #3 Sinclair. Can’t really pinpoint what I like about them most, other than they seem to accentuate your best features.

  8. I think in a different (slightly lighter) color the Beckett will look great on you. They are big enough to satisfy that urge for giant glasses without looking like they are swallowing your face.

  9. I think if you’re not REALLY feeling any of these, then you absolutely mustn’t settle for a pair. That was the advice given to me when I got my Warby Parker home-try-ons, and I’m so so so glad I waited. I ended up getting a few frames from Tortoise & Blonde’s home-try-on program and liking those ten times better.

    Don’t settle!

  10. It’s kind of a tie between beckett and webb – they both look great on you! I have the colton and I LOVE them – I’ve been dying for a new pair, and this post makes me want them even more 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. I really like the Sinclair, which isn’t as popular of a choice I see, but I just like that they aren’t black, they kind of go with your hair and skin tone, but that’s just me!

    How fun that you get to try five pairs though! If I was still doing glasses I would totally try this too!

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