The Not So Nocturnal Kelley

Sandals: Target  –  Skirt: Loft (Similar) Top: Loft

Sweater: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Necklace: Target

My husband and I used to attend church services at night, but recently our service time was moved from 5:30 pm to 10:45 am.  And if we happen to be playing in the band that week (which we both really love to do), we are now there around 7:30 am.

So, we were at church EARLY (AKA WAY before you should be awake on a weekend) on Sunday practicing songs for the service, when one of the other guitar players noticed a bat crawling across the stage.  We’re talking a rat with wings type of bat, not to be confused with the wooden stick that’s an integral part of one of America’s favorite past times.

I knew that we had a few fury friends in our church that enjoyed flying around and being clichés during the evening (bats in the belfry? Come on silly bats, let’s be a bit more original shall we?), but now that our church has switched to morning services, I thought I would be safe from any and all kinds of vampire-ish creatures that SHOULD be hidden away and sleeping in a coffin somewhere during the day time.  But no, I guess, like my husband and I, the bats found out about our service time switch and decided to get up early on Sunday mornings.  As nasty as those little guys are, they taught me a lesson that day, if nocturnal creatures can get up early without complaint to go to church, I guess I should too.

-The Not So Nocturnal Kelley


21 thoughts on “The Not So Nocturnal Kelley

  1. i love the color combination of the sweater and shirt here!
    my husband put up a bat house in our back yard last summer so they can eat the mosquitos. i feel torn because i don’t want mosquitos eating me but i don’t know how i feel about bats being invited to live by my pool…

  2. It’s your awesome necklace again, hooray! Loving your fuschia/green…really pretty and fresh combo.

    ❤ Cambria

  3. I totally had a bat in my old office when I worked at a church – it was not a fun experience to say the least!!

    Also, my hubby and I also play in a church band!

    Anyway, I love your outfit, it’s very springy, the sweater is such a pretty color green!

  4. Very fun color combo. 🙂 I guess the early bat gets the … bug (?) (I’m not sure what they eat, but they must have a good reason to get up early, too.)

  5. So cute! Love this color combination, and your hair looks so lovely in these photos. I’ve always wanted to achieve such effortless looking waves (but then again, I am a little hair-stupid…)

  6. I love the purple & green combo. And good for you getting up early! There is nothing that can rouse me that early on a weekend.
    Also I hope the bat got out relatively easily & unscathed. We got one in our house once and it was super freaky.

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