The Withdrawn Kelley

First off, just let me say that these were never intended to be outfit photos, so sorry for the silly poses (and my floating… I do that sometimes.). My husband and I are photography nerds, so we often find ourselves outside in the dark playing with lights and photography equipment. I don’t usually post pictures from those type of sessions, but I didn’t really have much else to post today, and I was wearing clothes…. So yea, I didn’t think you guys would mind a floating Kelley and some silly faces 😉

Sandals: Thrifted – Shorts: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Necklace: DIY

I decided to give up clothes shopping for lent.  On top of that, I had already been NOT shopping for a couple of weeks before lent even started.  Putting both of these facts together means that I’ve been having some pretty serious withdraws. Other than the normal non-shopping side effects, (i.e. drooling, shaking uncontrollably, hearing a constant ringing noise in my ears, etc.) I’ve been virtual window shopping and pinning like a mad women, and I think I’ve actually been missing the muggy old pit stain/moth ball/old lady/cover it all in cheap, expired, buy in bulk air freshener smell of Goodwill.

I’ve been missing it so much in fact that I spent an hour in Goodwill last night walking around, picking up cute items of clothing, and hiding them in random places so that I can come back and buy them on Sunday (oh the sneakiness of me).  I thought about making a treasure map so that I could remember exactly where I hid everything, but I didn’t want to take the chance of somebody finding the map and scooping up my booty (That sentence should make for some interesting Google search results… If you’re looking for scooping booty photos you may as well leave now, cause I don’t even know what that means, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any on this blog.).  Let’s just hope my memory will serve me well, and that nobody looks in the two-piece pants suit section of my local Goodwill before Sunday.

-The Withdrawn Kelley


46 thoughts on “The Withdrawn Kelley

  1. I’m in the same boat; I didn’t give up shopping for lent, but I did give it up as of February until we move at the end of this month. It is so much more difficult than I expected it to be! I’ll been window online shopping like crazy! And of course every single store I enjoy is having major sales right now…

  2. Oh! What a good idea — I should’ve given up shopping for Lent. Of course… I scored some pretty good things at Goodwill in the last couple weeks. Maybe that’s because someone else in my area was giving it up?

    I might do that next year for Lent! Lord knows, my husband and checkbook would thank me.

    How in the world did you do that first photo?

    • That’s a bit of a long reply. If you send me over an email (My email is on the top right side of my blog and on the “about” page) I’d be happy to talk to you about all kinds of camera equipment 🙂

  3. OMG, that first photo is seriously awesome! I did not know you gave up shopping for lent but I’m following you on Pinterest and all these really cute dresses keep popping from your stream. I haven’t been shopping for a while because my wallet is on a diet. Except my goal is to make it fatter. But maybe I will buy some of those cute dresses so you can live vicariously through me.

  4. Oh, I hear you – I’ve given up shopping until May because I’m moving, but the thing is once I move home there won’t be any thrift store (we don’t have thrift stores in Vietnam). That will be a bigger withdrawal for me…

  5. You crack me up so much! Aw that smell! I know it well! (and apparently I’m a poet now . . .) I am requesting right now to know if any stats come up with “booty snagging photos”. Please?

    I love that first photo! How did you do that????

    Can’t wait to see all your booty when Lent is over!

    • I’ll be super impressed when I really make it to Sunday. Also, my husband said the fact that I went to Goodwill was cheating, cause I still “shopped” even if I didn’t buy anything… But I’m going to disagree with him 😉

  6. Ummmmmmmm…really wondering how you took that epic floating picture?! Looks like you were having tons of fun, what a creative hubby you have. Cute patterned denim too 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

  7. Cool photos!! I love the different lighting effects! And that floating one is awesome!!

    I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been on a shopping ban since the beginning of the semester, and it’s been so hard. I think I might break my ban this weekend, but we’ll see. Good luck treasure hunting/retrieving in Goodwill!

  8. I gave up clothes shopping for Lent too! We should celebrate with a glass of wine on Sunday! We made it!!

    I love these pictures, they are fun, especially the floating one! And your shorts have adorable flowers!! Love it!!

  9. I have to give up shopping until we move in July! July!! Ahhhh! Now that I’ve voiced it, it seems even scarier. I am proud of you for making it; I gave up shopping for Lent once and I think I bought more during the Lenten season than I’ve ever bought in such a short span of time. I live to rebel against my own rules. – Leah

    • Haha! Isn’t it funny that once you make it a rule it’s that much more tempting to break?! Good luck making it to July. That’s a REALLY long time, but I bet you can do it!

  10. I’m sure you have great written content in this post – and I’ll get to it in a sec – but I cannot get past your LEVITATING in that first photo. Complete mindf*ck. I feel like I’m a giddy David Blaine fangirl!

  11. I gave up shopping for lent last year! Boy, that’s a tough one! I have to admit, it kind of backfired for me.. I did a whole lot more shopping than I normally would have as soon as Easter hit!

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