The Third Thriftly Inspired Kelley

Geometric Necklace

(Want to see a little more? Check out a full post for this inspiration piece here, here, here, or here)

Bargain Beauty: I found this ASOS Geo Mixed Metal Pendant Necklace in the MEN’S section of  I’ve said it many times while offering up thrifting advice, and it applies to online shopping as well, don’t be afraid to shop in unexpected sections. If I hadn’t looked in the men’s section, I may have totally missed this beautiful geometric necklace for only $14.32!

Lavishly Lovely:  This nOir Modernist Geometric Gold Necklace is almost the spitting image of my thrifted find (Although mine is gold and silver).  This one, however, is plated in real gold, hence the lofty price tag of $150. I know that spending that much on jewelry is often out of the question for most people (myself included) but it looks SO much like the original, that I had to include it as the lavish option!  Who knows, perhaps you have an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion coming up that warrants a pretty new necklace.

-The Third Thriftly Inspired Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Third Thriftly Inspired Kelley

  1. I like your thrifted version best 🙂

    How random that you found a look-alike in the ASOS men’s section… maybe I should buy it for my fiance and then borrow it from time to time 😉

  2. Omg! That necklace from ASOs is amazing! I never think of looking in the men’s section but why the heck not?! I mean I steal shirts and things from my boyfriend all the time and I love the jewelry they make for men! Thanks for the advice!


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