The Easter Egg Personifying Kelley

Flats: Target (Similar) –  Dress: Thrifted – Necklace: Gift

My shopping ban was the hardest once I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to buy a new dress for Easter.  Somehow wearing a pretty new spring dress has become an Easter holiday tradition for me.  So, I thought about crying, cheating, and then crying again… but then I sucked it up and went shopping in my own closet. Lucky for me I found this dress that I thrifted for $5 in December and had yet to wear. I had been saving it for spring, and spring was finally here!  So, I got to wear a new dress after all.  New to me anyway.

Oh, and when I got to church on Easter morning (wearing this) one of the greeters (a sweet man that looked about 50 years old) told me I looked like an Easter egg.  I took that as a compliment and considered the outfit a total WIN!

-The Easter Egg Personifying Kelley


45 thoughts on “The Easter Egg Personifying Kelley

  1. Kelley, you look so pretty! Lovely color block dress–it’s perfect for Easter/Spring. Are you using a new lens or post processing method… love the tone and soft focus of these photos.

  2. Easter’s the perfect day to debut this dress (everybody loves an Easter egg!) – love it and love how it makes a perfect statement on its own and really doesn’t need anything added. Easy plus snazzy dressing!

  3. I think being called an Easter Egg on Easter is a success! I was told I looked like a christmas tree?!!!?!? ha! also probably a compliment? Maybe not.

  4. I think this is the perfect dress for easter, and your shoes are just too cute!
    Absolutely love all the colours. 🙂

  5. So cute! You totally look like an Easter Egg. In a good way though.
    I love it when you find that thing in your closet you haven’t worn in forever and it’s like you have a brand new dress.

    • I know! I told my husband that I was really sad I couldn’t buy a new Easter dress, and I could tell that he was just about to stress out about the fact that I was going to stress out haha. Then I found this! I think he may have been happier than I was 😉

  6. It must have been a compliment because you look SO cute! And being compared to an Easter egg on Easter has to be the ultimate compliment, right? Love the dress Kelley – the colors look so pretty on you 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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