The Fashion Blogging Kelley

Sandals: Target (Similar in blue) Dress: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Jacket: Thrifted

I’m wearing blue nail polish, a pink jean jacket (although I will ALWAYS refer to it as coral, THANK you very much), and a leopard print belt.  This is what fashion blogging has done to me.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that I was wearing all of this and it didn’t even PHASE my husband… that’s what fashion blogging has done to him.  Now he just assumes that all of the crazy things I wear are normal… Bet I could walk out of the closet wearing a pair of baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls and some Doc. Martin sandals and he would just assume that 90s style was making a comeback.

This is why I need you guys.  Please say you’ll always be there to filter my crazy.  At least my crazy fashion…

-The Fashion Blogging Kelley

P.S.  Thanks to Wren over at Wren’s House for the Jean Jacket/Little Black Dress inspiration!  She’s a cutie!


52 thoughts on “The Fashion Blogging Kelley

  1. So you mean to say fashion blogging has done wonders for you right? Cuz this outfit is awesome!

    I am so insanely jealous, I mean proud, that you thrifted that perfectly fitted coral jean jacket. Find one for me?!

  2. Way to dress up a simple black dress! This makes me want to dig out my white safari jacket and dye it salmon… oh excuse me, coral (see what fashion blogging did to me too?)

    • Haha! I KNEW that comment was going to come back and bite be in the rear. But for real, if I was as cute as her and owned a pair of saltwater sandals, I would wear overalls ALL the time! Seriously, there would be no stopping me.

  3. Ha-ha I hear ya…. I am the same way now… and its funny when you get comments from the outside world, cause they are like waoh! Anyway I love this outfit…. so cute! 🙂 great way to style a LBD

  4. Crazy you are not, my friend. And it is so funny that you mention it because Patrick is the same way! LOL. Love the CORAL jacket over this great LBD. The leopard belt really pulls it all together! Well done!

  5. Thanks for that little mention up there. I’m flattered. Also I’m jealous of the coral denim. It’s beautiful and goes perfectly with the leopard and LBD. I love funky combinations!


    • Your denim is what inspired me to just BUY it! I was going back a forth (over a $4 jacket… so typical of me) and then I remembered your awesome denim jacket and I decided to go for it! So thanks!

  6. I promise to be here for you always, tehe. Fashion blogging has really expanded my horizons too…I wear the strangest coloured tights and am the proud owner of a chiffon mullet vest (oh yes).

    Love this take on the coloured denim trend…it’s so cute!

    ❤ Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  7. Haha! Remember your Ronald McDonald’s shoes? You always were brave. But it looks great sis! I want to come raid your closet!!!

    • Haha! The funny thing is that I can think of a few pairs of shoes that I’ve owned in the past that I would call Ronald McDonald shoes.

      You should totally raid my closet! It would be fun! That is if any of it would fit you you skinny minnie!

  8. o man. i think my husband has accepted my fashion blogging outfits too. polka dot pants? normal. stripes with polka dot pants? he likes it. leopard loafers with everything? he mentions them to others in a proud voice. gotta love it!

  9. I love my recently thrifted coral jacket and think the combination with black + leopard is great. Though, the photos are not posted, I wore mine a couple weeks ago layered over a leopard cardi and denim skinnies. High-fives! Your look is effortless, Kelley.

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