The Husband Loving Kelley

Sandals: Target (Similar in blue) Skirt: Thrifted Belt: DIY given here Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)

Necklace: Thrifted (Similar ones shown here)

Just warning you ahead of time, the following words have NOTHING to do with this outfit.  This is mostly because, while I love this outfit, I don’t really have too much to say about it other than, “Neon belt, how did I ever live without you?!” And that’s too short for a whole blog post.

Moving on…

After meticulously going to the gym every day for two weeks (okay, I took Sunday off, but come on, it’s the day of rest), I was in my closet putting on my gym clothes, getting ready to burn those calories once again.  Then, while jumping up and down, lunging around, and making weird faces and sounds in order to put on my workout pants, I thought to myself, “Seesh, this gym thing is obviously working WONDERS.”  Sometimes I’m sarcastic when I talk to myself.

Anyways, I screamed out-loud to my husband, “My gym clothes are SHRINKING!”

To which he responded, “Nah, you’re probably just getting a six pack so your abs are getting bigger.”

Dearest husband.  How I love him.

-The Husband Loving Kelley


40 thoughts on “The Husband Loving Kelley

  1. What a lovely husband indeed! Sounds like something my fiance would say. They are the best aren’t they? Plus, I love your neon belt and your great polka dot (?) skirt! Happy Monday Kellie!

  2. Your hubby just sounds the peachiest…I loved your post title too, it’s the best thing in the world seeing happy married people!

    ❤ Cambria

  3. Loving the pattern on your skirt and it looks so cute with your DIY belt! Your hubby is sweet…major brownie points for his response 🙂


  4. Love the skirt, and the neon belt is perfect with it!

    I was reading too fast and for a moment I thought you said YOU were shrinking instead of your gym clothes, and your husband’s response would be “No those are MY gym clothes!” The true version is better 😛

  5. Every day for two weeks?? I am super impressed. And I love the colours of the outfit and the neon belt makes me want to run to the craft store and buy neon paint and paint everything I own.


    • Just start following a few fashion blogs, and head out to the thrift store to find some things you can use to copy their outfits. After a while you’ll feel more comfortable creating your own 🙂

  6. That IS the perfect reply, and he’s probably right! My husband and I joke all the time about our dryer “shrinking” our clothes…dang that dryer! Anyway, that is a great neon belt, especially against the black and white!

    • Haha! I think that chasing around preschoolers totally counts as a workout!

      And thanks for the belt compliment! I still totally love my neon painted scarf, but it’s just too big! I need a sewing machine or something so I can make it smaller!

  7. You know I love that yellow belt! I love how you used it to give your outfit that pop of color, my favorite styling “tactic”! Also am loving that necklace as well! -Jessica

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