The Sweater Hoarding Kelley

Sandals: Target (Similar in blue) Jeans: Old Navy Blouse: Thrifted (similar) Necklaces: Forever21

This is one of the tops that I thrifted the DAY after Easter when my shopping ban was officially over. While it may have felt like torture at the time, not shopping for 40+ days really helped me see what my closet was and was NOT lacking.


– Bright tops, bottoms, and dresses (so pretty much ANYTHING bright)

– Cardigans

-Summer tops (AKA something that won’t give me heat stroke if I wear it in 100+ degrees)

– Maxi length skirts and dresses

NOT lacking:

– Sweaters other than cardigans

– Dark fall and winter tones

For reals guys, I think I could dress a medium sized village with all of the brown, dark green, navy blue, and maroon colored items that I own.  And somebody that lives in the desert should NEVER have the number of sweaters that I have in my closet.  I just love the cold so much that I go a little sweater shopping crazy each time December comes around.  It’s a bit ridiculous, especially considering that we just broke a record here in Phoenix with a 105 degree day this weekend.  And it’s only April…  Oh well, I guess that calls for some more shopping 😉

-The Sweater Hoarding Kelley


20 thoughts on “The Sweater Hoarding Kelley

  1. Yay for more shopping!

    I’m right there with you — I have zero brights in my closet. My sweater stash has grown way too much, and it’s so sad because our winter wasn’t very cold. I’m trying to remedy my lack of brights!

  2. I love your top and the layered necklaces – so cute!! Oh my gosh 105 degrees!? I’m heading to Arizona this summer for an internship, and I don’t know how I’m going to get used to the heat. More shopping is always an excellent idea. I am also lacking maxi length items in my closet.

  3. Whew! 105 that’s some crazy weather. I always go a bit overboard in the sweater department as well, awesome that your not shopping taught you whats missing from your closet. I do LOVE that green blouse it’s a great shape & color on you.

  4. I went through the same thing at the end of my shopping ban – totally went through my closet to see what I was lacking and came up with similar responses to yours! I’m so happy to be able to shop again!

    I love this outfit, those jeans look so cute on you and the top is fun and a great color!

  5. LOL I know what you mean, I did the 30 for 30 challenge and it was a real eye opener of what I have in my closet, but also what I favor most. Cardigans are my liiiiiife! And I had too many brights and needed more neutrals….closet swap perhaps?? 😛 hehe

  6. It’s so helpful for going shopping when you realize what you’re missing in your closet, that way you can just stick to things you actually need. I can’t believe it’s already 105 there. I’d probably stay inside in the ac and never go outside!


  7. I love the avocado color shirt you have. Is that linen? it looks like it.

    I think I need to do thrifted diet too. I think I spend a lot more money now by thrifty shopping. I used to hold myself from buying many clothes because they are expensive. But when you go to goodwill you see a lot of good stuff cheaper you get tempted. How you ban your shopping desire? tips please 🙂


  8. Great easy, fun look. That’s the best thing about not shopping — it really highlights your closet’s strengths and weaknesses. I sympathize with your sweater hoarding … I myself probably own way too many jackets for someone who lives in a tropical climate. 🙂

  9. I totally agree, buying sweaters is the best. Having it be all cold outside, and snuggling up in a cozy sweater is the best…although where I live it’s April and there was a blizzard today….

    Good luck shopping for weather appropriate clothes!

  10. I’m a sweater hoarder too… we’re in the middle of moving and I realized that most of my wardrobe is comprised of sweaters, midi-length skirts, and long sleeved button-ups. I have a ton of tank tops too, which is odd because I never wear them on their own. What I really need are some spring/summer short-sleeved tops that are fancier than just t-shirts or tank tops. I’m having a terribly difficult time finding some though!

    PS. I really love this outfit – that green suits you very well!

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