The Proof Providing Kelley

Shoes: Gift Jeans: Old Navy Top: Thrifted Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)

Clearly, this is not one of my usual outfits.  I don’t actually spend all of my time in athletic shoes, I promise.  There is a simple explanation for the shoes, and for the fact that I completely skipped Photobooth Friday last week (sorry about that).  Those of you who follow me on Twitter (thanks for all of the anniversary love from my Tweeting Twitter friends by the way) already know this, but this weekend I was out of town celebrating five awesome years of marriage to the coolest, sweetest, smartest, silliest, cutest, most wonderful guy I know.  Yes, I’m talking about my husband, and yes, I may be a little bit biased… Just a little bit.

These photos were taken the first day of our little “stay-cation” (We stayed in a little town a few hours north of Phoenix), when we went on a hike.  And if these photos are not proof enough for you that I really did have a good excuse for skipping out on you on Friday, well, you may want to watch this video (starring me and the hubs) for EXTRA proof.

See, I speak truth.

-The Proof Providing Kelley

P.S.  Since this post is more about what’s going on in my life right now than it is about this outfit, I’m linking up to “Life Lately” hosted by The Weekend File 🙂



18 thoughts on “The Proof Providing Kelley

  1. Happy anniversary! The photo of the two of you together is so sweet. That town looks like a gorgeous place to hike! I can’t watch your video now since I’m at work but I’m going to watch it later 🙂


  2. Aw, happiest of anniversaries to you!!! I really love the photo of you with your man…and you look just adorable as always.

    ❤ Cambria

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