The Smokey Reflective Kelley

Shoes: Target  Dress: Thrifted Belt: DIY shown HERE Sweater: Thrifted Necklace: Spray painted

You see that chair I’m sitting in in the third photo? The hubs grabbed it from a table off to the side for this impromptu photoshoot.  Then, when we were done with it (And getting ready to do the standing photos), I went to pick it up and put it back.  My husband told me in a warning tone, “Careful, that’s heavy!”  At which point I laughed and shook my head. This looked like one of those aluminum chairs from Ikea that could blow over with a strong wind.

So, expecting the chair to weigh no more than two pounds, I nonchalantly picked it up to move it. Let me tell you, looks can be deceiving.  You know how I know this?  Well, I can think of a couple of examples off the top of my head.  That chair weighed like 30 pounds… and I have two GIANT bruises and a stubbed toe that can prove it.

Another example? While I look fairly put together in these photos, I’m actually screaming in pain on the inside, and half of the items that I’m wearing have been coated in spray paint… Smoke and mirrors people. Smoke and mirrors.

-The Smokey Reflective Kelley


36 thoughts on “The Smokey Reflective Kelley

    • I totally did! I painted two strands yellow and than painted the other one pink. It was clear when I started, so it went REALLY quick and added new life to the necklace for sure!

  1. Oh no! I hate when I do that. Getting all cocky like “I got this” then “NOT!” Love the kelly green cardigan though Kellie! This is a fun look and your pictures look great!

  2. Spray paint necklace? I need to know more! I’m sorry you stubbed your toe but I never would’ve known because you look fab in that emerald green cardi 🙂


  3. I know the feeling. I helped a friend move last month and offered to take a bag of books out to her car to be taken to the library, but I couldn’t even get it off the ground! My arms are like noodle… At least you got some lovely photos though (the outfit helps.)

    P/S: I don’t know if you watch “The IT Crowd” or not, but every time I hear “smoke and mirrors” I always hear it in the voice of Moss from The IT Crowd 😀

    • Thanks! I’ve been wearing this necklace and belt together a lot! I guess when you use the same can of spray paint on two different items at least you know they’ll always match haha!

  4. I remember in a chemistry class these boys told me a beaker full of water was ‘to hot to pour out’. So I picked it up and poured it out for them, and practically burned myself in the process. I didn’t want to admit that they were right… Men. Always warning us about dangerous things!
    Also love your make-up in these shots, I thought you were referring to your lovely smoky eyes in the post title. Also that spray painted belt looks great!

  5. I love the way you’ve been styling that neon belt. And I love the photos. They’re quite intense. Where do you find a tunnel like that?


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