The Patio Man Revolting Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted (Steve Madden / Similar) Skirt: Thrifted (Similar)  Shirt: Target Necklace: Gift

This is the outfit that I wore on Saturday while hunting down patio furniture with my husband.  Let me tell you all right now, patio furniture is a business that we all need to get into. It seems like the manufacturers think that just because they’re making items that mirror the acceptably pricey furniture you keep safely INSIDE of your home, that they can put a similar price tag on the plastic/cheap aluminum/straw-like furniture that you are planning to leave out in the rain/sun/snow/hail/bird poop zone that is your back yard.

After the hunt, we stopped by our church to take some photos, and when I saw the fire-pit area I decided right then and there that I’m revolting against “the man” (AKA the patio furniture makers of America) and will instead be using old logs for my outside furniture.  Who’s with me?  Yeah, I didn’t think so… Oh well, Patio Man Revolter… Party of one.  We’ll see how long I can hold out on my own.

-The Patio Man Revolting Kelley


14 thoughts on “The Patio Man Revolting Kelley

  1. Yes, ma’am! You can consider that a party of two. My husband and I were looking at the patio furniture at Target yesterday and couldn’t believe the prices. I said, “It’d be cheaper to find some garage sale furniture and spray paint it a bright color.” When I get around to it, that’s what we’ll be doing.

    Also, I had literally considered using logs.

  2. I love how you tied the tee on the side and your leopard loafers are so fun! I’m sorry you weren’t able to find some affordable patio furniture. I don’t actually have a patio (or backyard) for that matter!


  3. Cute look! I especially love the shoes! And yes, patio furniture is such a joke the way it is priced. We were lucky enough to get my in-law’s furniture when they upgraded, though it’s not in great shape and I wish we could replace it, we’ll live with it because it was free!

  4. You tell them! I’ve never had to look for patio furniture, but it certainly does not sound fun. Good luck in your next search. Although the logs may work quite well haha.

    I love your skirt and those leopard print flats! What a cute weekend outfit 🙂

  5. Really adorable pictures!! I love that Red Skirt, and you make me want to buy one. BUT I must say no. I agree- way over priced. In New England we have this place called Bobs furniture which is awesome, do you have an Ikea or thrift store you can look for some?

  6. O man- I am right there with you on this patio furniture revolting! I have looked online and in stores and can find nothing reasonably priced that is still a good quality. Our new plan is to have my husband build our outdoor table. We shall see how that goes!

  7. Cute! A red skirt is always a great choice.
    In case it matters. I have a couple folding Ikea chairs that have held up really well the past couple years. All of my other patio furniture is from other people’s trash though… It helps make up for the price of the chairs.

  8. Yeah, I hear you. We’ve had our home for two years and still haven’t bought decent patio furniture–it just seems like robbery to charge $600 or more for furniture that goes OUTSIDE! There’s got to be a better way… Anyway, you looked cute while sticking it to the patio furniture man!

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