The Newborn Photographing Kelley

In addition to posting here on Threads and Buttons AND guest posting over at Fabric Strips and Ruby Lips today, I’m also posting on the Radiant Photography blog (For all of my new readers out there, Radiant is the photography company that my husband and I are a part of.) I told you it was going to be a jam-packed day!

In today’s Radiant Photography post I’m sharing a recent “New Addition” session that my husband and I photographed.  “New Addition” session are newborn session that include the WHOLE family.  That means not only do you get to see an ADORABLE new born baby boy, but you also get to see the rest of his family, including his SWEET two year old sister.  She may just be the CUTEST toddler you’ve ever seen (aside from YOUR beautiful little one of course)! So while it’s late in the work day and the clock is moving agonizingly slow, why don’t you hope on over to the post and add an extra dose of cuteness to your day?  I promise, you’ll be glad you did 😉

-The Newborn Photographing Kelley


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