21 thoughts on “The Warby Parker Owning Kelley

  1. I love them!! I did a home try-on a couple of weeks ago but haven’t posted the pics because they didn’t turn out good. :/ But, I found two shapes that I love — Nedwin and Zagg.

    • I tried contacts for a while once, but like just about EVERYTHING else… I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to them. That’s kinda the story of my life haha. I think they have hypo-allergenic ones now, but I’m still too afraid to try. It was a BAD experience.

    • Yay for being glasses twins! Did you feel like yours were a bit of a tight fit at first? Mine are a little tight on my face, but I think I just need to wear them in maybe.

      • they definitely were, actually. i had to go to a local eye glasses store and have them adjust them for me because they were hurting the back of my ears they were so tight. the place near me does it for free, even if i dont buy the glasses through them. its lens crafters, but i dont know if they have them where you live!

      • Oh goodness! Thanks for letting me know! I’ve been getting headaches after wearing them and I thought I was either going crazy or I just had an extra HUGE head! They’re SO cute, so I want to wear them, but I haven’t been because they’ve been hurting. I will FOR SURE be calling my local Lens Crafters! You’re the BEST!

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