The Dirt Wearing Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted (Merona) Skirt worn as Dress: Thrifted   Belt: Thrifted Jacket: Old Navy

Necklace – Thrifted (Similar styles here)

I wore this outfit all day long on Sunday, and my husband didn’t pick up on the fact that this “dress” is actually a skirt until I threw it in the laundry basket that night and he saw that it had no sleeves.

His comment on the subject:  “So you were wearing dirt all day?”

My response:  …Silence…*chirp…chirp*….

“You know, cause it’s a dress and a skirt… so if you put them together it’s like dirt…”

My ever so clever husband.

-The Dirt Wearing Kelley


42 thoughts on “The Dirt Wearing Kelley

  1. LOL, that is hilarous – the “Dirt” comment. I love that you wore the skirt as a dress! I didn’t even know it was a skirt until you said so at the end of the post! And it’s such a pretty color blue! Love the red belt too, great accent color!

  2. Haha dirt, I love it! I love this outfit, Kelley. That skirt looks fantastic as a dress, and you look so cute! The train station pictures are awesome 🙂

    • We were taking these photos and my husband showed me them on the back of the camera to see if they were okay. I jumped back and said, “WOW! I’ve got glasses on, I totally forgot what I look like with glasses!” Obviously I’m still getting used to them haha.

    • Haha! That’s TOTALLY why my husband wanted to take it there! He thought it was funny that it looked like I was about to get hit by a train and die. Oh what a lovely sense of humor he has.

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