The Not So Small Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted Pants: Thrifted (Similar & Similar in other colors)   Belt: Thrifted

Shirt: Hand-me-down Cardigan: Forever21 (Similar) – Necklace: Gift

For the past few weeks, my husband and I have been throwing around the idea of doing some landscaping updates.  We’ve lived in our home for about three years, and have yet to change a thing. And believe me, it needs it… BAD. We thought we should start with something small and simple, so we decided to put some new rock in our front garden bed area.  It currently has rock in it… it’s just stamped down as dense as asphalt and covered in weeds and grass, so it’s a little hard to see 😉

Anywho, we decided to measure the little garden bed area so that we could head on over to our local landscape supply store and put in an order. After measuring, we realized that the “little” garden bed has almost the same square footage as our first apartment.  Granted, our first apartment was not HUGE, but I wouldn’t want to be the one that had to pay to fill it full of tiny pieces of stone.

I have a feeling that this “small and simple” project is going to end up being much bigger, much more complicated, and WAY more expensive than we originally thought.

But, all is well, because I’m wearing green pants and we all know that green pants make all projects easier.  That’s a thing right?

-The Not So Small Kelley


24 thoughts on “The Not So Small Kelley

  1. We are in the “must do something to the yard” boat too – but we’ve been in our house a tad longer, so it’s almost embarrassing. This year is the year though, we’re going to get the yard in shape!

  2. Love the pink & green together! Good luck with the gardening project… I always find that when I go into a project I expect it to be small and then it blows up into something ridiculous and I get tired of it halfway through 😀

  3. Man. Every project in our house starts out “small and simple” and turns into “huge and nightmarish” before we know it. We have small rocks in the landscaped areas in our backyard and hate them for the weed growing alone like you mentioned. Our project this year is to remove the rocks. When Matt told me that meant wheelbarrowing them out trip by trip, I realized how large this “small” project really is. I asked if we could rent a bobcat 🙂

  4. Good luck with the landscaping project!! I hope it will be fun 🙂 I love the pink and green combo in this outfit – so cute!!

  5. Green pants have been on my wishlist since forever!! Also…those shoes are gorgeous. I still haven’t managed to snag a good pair at the thrift store, but you’ve got me hopeful. =)

  6. Love the green pants…so springy! Home improvement projects always ended up bigger than planned…but sometimes that is the fun of it!

  7. I love these colours and the fact that it’s gardening season! We just turned up our whole vegetable garden and got it ready for planting. Hard work but you know it’s worth it.


  8. The pants are great! I like the pink & green together.good luck with the gardening! I’m glad we have an apartment for now, because yard work was one of my least favorite chores when I was growing up.

  9. Green pants make everything in life easier…or so I’ve heard 😉 Good luck figuring out your rock garden…maybe it’s a good excuse to travel somewhere to “pick rocks” together right out of the wilderness!

    ❤ Cambria

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