The Violet Kelley

Shoes: Target – Skirt: Thrifted (Similar)–  Belt: Thrifted

Shirt: H&M – Cardigan: Thrifted (Similar) – Necklace: Target

For some reason I decided to pair purple with purple for this outfit, and I totally love it!  That is, until I started thinking about Violet from Willy Wonka… Then I couldn’t help but think, “You’re turning Violet, Violet!” all. day. long.

Yup, I’m about one piece of chewing gum away from being rolled down to the juicing room.  Oh well, purple seems to be working for me, and I DO love me some chewing gum 🙂

-The Violet Kelley

P.S.  There is currently 4 tons of rock sitting in our driveway… this is happening…


23 thoughts on “The Violet Kelley

  1. The Willy Wonka reference made me laugh, but I have to disagree – the different shades of purple work really well together. And it’s more eggplant than violet anyway.

  2. Love the purple on purple (and Willy Wonka!). I’ve been on the thrift hunt for a maxi skirt with no luck, so I’m a bit jealous of this perfect score! 🙂 Happy Wednesday.

  3. Yay! Your little garden project is growing! I love the purple on purple even if that freak Willy Wonka might have ruined it for us kids forever with that darn gum smacking girl!

  4. The monochromatic purples look so pretty on you! I’d love to go thrifting with you…you always have the best finds like that maxi skirt!


  5. At first glance, I read the title as “The Violent Kelley” 😀 Violet is so much better, I love this whole colour family. You look fantastic!

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