The Rampaging Kelley

Dress: Ross Cardigan: Thrifted Necklace: Forever21 Belt: DIY Shown HERE

You’d think that I would eventually grow tired of my spray painted neon yellow belt… But, you’d be wrong.  I love this baby and I’ll likely be wearing it LONG after you are all sick of seeing it (in fact, we’ve likely reached that point already).

With as much as I wear it, I have to say that it’s holding up REALLY well!  So well in fact I think I should just start spray painting everything… Yup, everything.  So lock up your kittens and and make sure your pet parakeet is snuggled up in its little cage, because I’m coming, spray can in hand, and I can’t be held responsible for who (or what) may or may not be doused in various neon colors once my rampage is over.

Maybe I should just become a graffiti artist and call it good.  If you start seeing what looks like neon belts paired with bright colorblocked outfits sprayed on your local overpasses, you know I’ve been there.

-The Rampaging Kelley


22 thoughts on “The Rampaging Kelley

  1. LOL, you are too funny. I could just imagine everything spray painted neon…Kelley was here!

    Honestly though, this color combo is so fun – green, pink and yellow? Yes please!

  2. LOVE pink and green together-this is a fabulous, fresh look! Makes me wish for the summer sun 🙂 Great use of color in this outfit-so much accessory eye candy!

  3. I, for one, am certainly not sick of seeing this belt and I love it even more since you made it yourself!!! I also have been meaning to mention congrats to you on all your new ventures and I love the new blog layout. Snazzy!

  4. Before fashion blogging, I never thought pink, green, yellow, and blue would look not ridiculous (let alone good) together, but you’re rocking this!

  5. I love the pink colour of this maxi…unique and really beautiful. Looks great the way you combined all these bright colours in one outfit!

    ❤ Cambria

  6. That belt is far too fantastic to get tired of seeing! I love the pop of yellow with the green and pink combination. Also, your new blog look is so cute!


  7. I love this outfit. I can’t believe you painted that belt. It looks great. I might have to try that.

  8. I love the bright colors! I’m not sick of the neon yellow belt yet. Glad to know it if holding up though. Pretty sure I have some skinny belts at home that could use a coat of spray paint!

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