The Color Blinded Kelley

Sandals: Target Skirt: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Top: Target Jacket: Thrifted

Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb)

Have you ever purchased something because you liked the color, and then, after you bring it home, find that you have absolutely no idea what to do with it?  Classic girl problem huh?  I guess that’s why my dad always tells me not to pay attention to color when I’m buying a car… Knowing me I’d end up with something that’s the “Most awesome shade of green!” but doesn’t have a steering wheel or a passenger’s side door.

Anyway, that whole impulse color purchasing definitely kicked in when I saw this skirt.  Usually while shopping, my rule is that if I can’t think of at least three different ways to wear something, I can’t buy it.  Well when I saw this skirt, I immediately thought, “BLUE…. BRIGHT BLUE… BEAUTIFUL BLUE!” And apparently I counted that as three uses for the skirt, because before I knew it I was handing the cashier $2 and bringing my new blue skirt home for good.

I wish I would have taken a second to stop, get over the color-shock, and THINK, because while I have worn it a couple of times now, it’s WAY harder to style than I thought it would be.  I LOVE the color, but can’t think of what to pair it with; the length is nice, but teetering on awkward; and I’m not used to wearing such an obvious A-line shape.

So, while my father should be proud that we own one tan and one silver car (BORING), I should be chastised for giving in to the mesmerizing shade of blue and breaking my “three ways to wear it before you buy it” rule.  Unless of course you guys can think of any awesome styling ideas?!

Please?  Help!

-The Color Blinded Kelley


22 thoughts on “The Color Blinded Kelley

  1. I think you styled it beautiful. The patterned top looks pretty with the bright blue. And the pink looks awesome with the blue. Next time, I would try a simple shirt with the same shoes and see how you like it that way. I think bright colors are easy to style, because they ‘say’ so much on their own. Even paired with a plain tee and sandals, this skirt would be eye-catching.

  2. I have this problem too where I’ll buy something and then get home and have no idea what to pair with it. I find it’s easier if you think in terms of color combos. That blue would look stunning with either emerald or mint green or hot pink. Then just hope you have something in your closet in those colors, and bam, new outfit!


  3. I recently thrifted a skirt in a similar color and am planning a yellow top with it in the near future. I kind of went through the same thought process as you! I like what you did with it, I may have to try something similar! Though I don’t have such a cute pink jacket as you!

  4. LOL I have that problem too. I can totally see this skirt (it is a very lovely blue) with a bright yellow, a crisp white or even another darker shade of blue! How bout it? For $2 it’s worth a shot 😉 You are just the cutest and I love reading your posts.

  5. I have this trouble allllllll the time…that and buying patterns that have an amazing and unique blend of colours…that I can’t find anything to put with 😛 But I think for $2 this skirt was worth it…I adore that brilliant and beautific blue 🙂

    ❤ Cambria

    Enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

  6. You could do a monochromatic look with it- maybe with a navy top if you have one? Or, when in doubt, add a stripe to it. What I always do! For the most part I tend to stick with your “3 outfti” mantra when purchasing clothes but sometimes, you just love something. And because you love it, you will find ways to wear it.
    Did you get your Webbs adjusted, by the way??

    • Thanks for the ideas! I actually have a navy stripe (double score!) that I will have to try!
      Oh, and I STILL haven’t gotten them adjusted yet because I’m lame! I saw a lens crafters yesterday but I didn’t have my glasses with me 😦

  7. i TOTALLY shop by color and pattern in thrift stores, so i can completely relate to your blue skirt excitement! i really like it with the peach, so how about a punchier orange?

  8. I have this problem too. More than once I’ve bought a piece, thinking “Oh I don’t have anything in that color yet” – but then of course that would mean nothing in my closet would go with it.
    I think you did a pretty good job of styling the skirt though. The color is great – you can pair it with neutrals or brights. The length works too, but you could always easily hem it to knee-length if you find it too awkward.

  9. I love the color and the length! I totally can see it paired a navy, light yellow or even red top! I do love how you style it with the graphic neutral pint and the great pink jacket!

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