The Heat Hating Kelley

Necklace: Forever21 Skirt: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted (Exact) Sandals: Target – Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb)

You know what I’ve decided?  I HATE dressing for summer.  For reals, it’s no fun at all.  I think that’s one of the main reasons why my blog has been lagging this summer.

Just look at the facts:  You don’t get to wear layers, you have to show too much skin for my liking (which means eating less cookies and taking more trips to the gym… NEVER a win), and even with all of that you STILL feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  You’d think, knowing I feel this way, that I wouldn’t live in the desert where it was 112+ degrees all last week, where the news reporters have been talking about “heat advisories” for the last fourteen days, and where kids aren’t allowed to play outside during recess for fear of them developing heatstroke… But no, I didn’t really think about that before deciding to make this my place of residence.

Next time I make a big move, somebody slap me across the face and remind me to check the average temperatures for SURE!  Or… Maybe just remind me to check on the weather without the slap… Yea, I’m not really sure that the slap is necessary.

-The Heat Hating Kelley


16 thoughts on “The Heat Hating Kelley

  1. That soft lavendar is really pretty on you…and I love it with your bright lipstick 🙂 Good to see you back!

    ❤ Cambria

  2. Me too… the heat is making me sick. Quite literally. I’m so done, but I saw on the news last week that we are supposed to have record breaking heat for the next three months. It made me lose hope of feeling better. Boo.

  3. I also really hate dressing for summer…I generally just don’t much like summer though. And I think this is a great summer look – you gotta work with what you’ve got right? And this is fashionable while, I imagine, also being fairly comfortable in the heat.

    Courtney ~

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