The Tricky Top Wearing Kelley

Necklace: DIY  Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb) Everything Else: Thrifted

This is one of those shirts that’s been hanging in my closet ALL summer long just begging to be worn, and until recently, I’ve pretty much been ignoring it.

“Shut up silly shirt, I’ll wear you in a few months,” I replied to it’s childish persisting.

You see, I originally bought this shirt because I think it will be the perfect piece to layer in a Phoenix fall. You know, when the TIME for fall is here (September and October-ish) but Phoenix still thinks it’s cool to be handing us days full of triple digit temperatures (NOT cool Phoenix, NOT cool…).  Right around then, I thought I’d just slap this collared bad boy under a light sweater and trick people into thinking I’m FULLY layered up.
Strangely enough, this top was the one doing the tricking.  It tricked me into buying it for fall, and then suddenly turned into the perfect summer top.  I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it a lot more in the sweaty summer days to come.

-The Tricky Top Wearing Kelley


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