The Grass Killing Kelley

Flats: Thrifted Necklace: DIY  Jeans: Old Navy (Similar) – Top: Thrifted (Similar) – Belt: Target

In case you’re wondering, these pictures were not taken in the Sahara Desert.  Nope, this is just what a non-watered Phoenix backyard looks like after months and months of triple digit temperatures.  There was grass back here at one point, but it gave up.

I think it’s safe to say that it gave up because we gave up watering it.  We used to water it, but our water bill has been OVER $150 a month with just normal use and watering the font lawn! So, we decided to prioritize and save ourselves some dough by watering the front yard, but skipping the back area that’s surrounded by 6ft brick walls and is usually never seen by anyone other than us… and I guess all of you… 🙂

All of this to say, if you live in an area where the very idea of “watering your grass” is comical, thank your lucky stars today.  You could live at my house 😉

-The Grass Killing Kelley

P.S.  If I was going to go back to school, I would TOTALLY wear this outfit.  Super quick and comfy with a few touches of fun, it’s pretty much perfect for sitting through a lecture or working in the lab 😉
Back To School | Everybody, Everywear


28 thoughts on “The Grass Killing Kelley

  1. I love your jeans and you necklace. What a lovely look! 🙂

    Wow, that’s a lot of watering!! Maybe you can do some interesting rock landscaping with desert plants instead 🙂

    • It’s funny, but we just paid hundreds of dollars to add rock to areas in our front yard, and then GRASS started growing in it! Now it just looks like a rocky, weedy, impossible to mow mess lol. I’m pretty sure that in Phoenix, if you want grass to grow in an area, it won’t, and if you don’t want it to grow somewhere, it will. lol

  2. I miss xeriscaping, some of the coolest front and back yards I’ve ever seen were series of patios, pot and container gardens, fountains, agave and rocks. I miss living in Tucson baaad.
    BTW, there is nothing better than a worn in pair of jeans, a tee and a few well-considered accessories- easy and lovely!

    • My husband and I have always wanted to re-landscape our backyard. Something that would require less water would be WONDERFUL! We just have to work on saving up the funds to do it… lol THAT is the hard part 😉

  3. Yikes! For that price, sometimes you just have to let stuff go…

    Fabulous outfit – so simple and laid back but with such interesting and chic elements – I love the distressed denim, leopard print, and glasses. Even better all together!

  4. Good heavens what a water bill! I can understand why you’ve let the grass go, I would too! Don’t mind the desert effect though, it could look pretty cool with some rocks and cacti, haha 🙂 Love your leopard flats!

    ❤ Cambria

  5. i love simple & sweet outfits like this. and i think about letting my grass die every time i see my water bill. next house i live in will have a very small yard.

    • Oh yea, SUPER trendy… Until the rainy season when weeds start growing up through my zen-ish rock garden and all of the pigeons start to push around the sand and make nests out of it lol. I think I would like to purchase a weather regulated bubble for my back yard 😉

  6. Our lawns are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, I gave up trying to landscape our little backyard when we came back from vacation and it looked like a jungle. And not a cute jungle full of colorful creatures but a scary one full of hyper aggressive Burlington grey squirrels.

  7. You look so cute! I love how you jazzed up the simple jeans and white t-shirt with this utterly pretty necklace and the leo shoes!

    Oh and I agree on the one comment above, saying that you can also create nice gardens without lawn! A new future project after your patio maybe? 😉

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