The Rain Loving Kelley

Necklace: Gift  Everything Else: Thrifted

Yes my shorts are SUPER wrinkly, but let’s just ignore that for a second and talk about the fact that this is the same backyard that I wrote about in my last post.  Remember how there wasn’t ANY grass in it? Well, something strange and amazing has been happening in Phoenix lately… Free water has been falling from the sky for HOURS at a time.  AND, this has happened on multiple occasions on MULTIPLE days!

Seriously, I woke up to a straight up thunder storm the other morning. It. Was. AMAZING!  I just curled back up in my blanket and listened to the rain for what most people would say was far too much time.

I’m loving the rain, the grass is obviously enjoying it… I think it’s unanimous… We’re keeping the rain forever!  Now to figure out who’s in charge of weather related decisions like these so that I can had him the results of the vote…

-The Rain Loving Kelley


21 thoughts on “The Rain Loving Kelley

  1. Hooray for rain!! I love listening to thunder storms, and you get some awesome ones out there in Arizona.

    You are a thrifting queen! I love this outfit and am so impressed that it’s all thrifted. How cute is the print on that blouse.

  2. Kelly, thanks for swinging by my blog and I’m so glad I found yours in return! 1) I love your style and 2) I’m a NE/NW transplant to Arizona who lives for rainy days. And I’m not exaggerating at all. Haven’t the storms the last few days been divine!?

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