The Lazy Lounging Kelley

Necklace: Gift  – Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb) Everything Else: Thrifted

We had one COMPLETELY free day this past weekend, which for us is unheard of lately.  Mostly our weekends have consisted of meetings, photoshoots (We’ve been shooting lots of newborn sessions, in fact, I just blogged about our most recent one yesterday!), photo editing, church commitments, and of course friend and family hang-out sessions.  But on that one wonderful day, we had NOTHING!

I of course wanted to spend the day lounging around being lazy.  So I thought it would be fun to watch a movie with the hubs. I suggested it, and he confirmed that this was in fact a wonderful idea.  Then I told him that my movie of choice was none other than the wonderful and so deeply under-appreciated “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.  His response?

“I knew you were going to do this to me. I’d rather go back to work.”

As if I’ve never had to sit through his boring man movies… Lame.  Oh well, we decided to watch Battlestar Galactica instead, which is one of our new favorite shows so neither one of us could complain.

I’ll just have to watch those seven brothers snatch themselves up seven lucky brides on my own time 🙂

What are your favorite lazy day past times?

-The Lazy Lounging Kelley


27 thoughts on “The Lazy Lounging Kelley

  1. I love your skirt! Cute outfit 🙂

    Lazy days are so awesome! I love to read, cuddle with the fiance, and watch movies on lazy days. Oh, and go for a walk, which isn’t so lazy but I always need some time outside.

  2. Lazy days are the best! My favorite is when it’s a rainy Sunday and we have a movie marathon!

    By the way, have you ever watched Portlandia? They have an entire episode based around this couple getting hooked on Battlestar Galatica and this just totally made me think of that! 🙂

    I want to steal your skirt too – love patterns!!

    • Haha! I’ve heard such good things about that show, but just haven’t gotten into it. I totally feel like a nerd for watching Battlestar (especially when you take into account that when I’m not watching that I’m likely watching Doctor Who), but the heart wants what the heart wants 😉

  3. Such adorable pattern mixing! Haha, your hubby sounds like mine. It is so hard for us to decide on a movie (or a tv show) to watch. Sometimes we’ll just watch in 2 separate rooms, ha!


    • I’ve TOTALLY been tempted to do that! Usually, when it gets to the point where neither of us can agree on anything we just sit together and read our own books (though sometimes we read a book out loud together if we can agree on one) so that we’re at least “together” even if we’re not doing exactly the same thing. We’ve actually gone to see our own different movies in the theater multiple times though lol

  4. Oh! A lazy movie day sounds divine! And Patrick is the same way with me. I get to watch nature shows all the live long day, but when I request a simple episode of SATC? Nope! Not havin’ it. Love the mix of patterns and colors here!

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