The Uniform Wearing Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted   Jeans: Thrifted (Express) Top: Loft Blazer: Target – Necklaces: Forever21 – Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb)

This is a pretty typical “meeting outfit” for me these days:  Jeans, bright tee, long necklace, and a blazer.  I dress it up (sparkly necklace, nicer dark jeans, fancy shoes, etc.) or down (light-wash or rolled jeans, casual necklace, sandals, etc.) depending on how formal/informal the meeting is.

I don’t always like the idea of a go to uniform for certain situations, but with all of the meetings we’ve been having lately it’s been really great to just grab a variant of this and go.  And it doesn’t feel quite so “uniform-ish” to me since so many of the pieces can be switched out to easily and quickly change it up.

Do you have any go to uniforms that you love?

-The Uniform Wearing Kelley


12 thoughts on “The Uniform Wearing Kelley

  1. I think this is a great uniform! There are sooo many variations you can do with color, level of dressiness, accessories, etc. that nobody will even realize it’s your uniform… And that purple looks great on you.

  2. I love, love, love this look! That is an awesome uniform, and it’s so versatile!! I don’t really have a uniform at the moment, but soon it will be jeans/cords and my blazer with different combinations of tops and sweaters underneath.

  3. I love this!! A fun blazer is one of my favorite items to either dress up or dress down!!

    I have a “uniform” I have to wear with my church music group, so the rest of the time I try to avoid anything too terribly uniformish in nature!

  4. it’s nice to have a ‘fail-safe’ option. it’s not like you can’t mix it up, or change it altogether, but there are days when getting dressed is rough, so having a formula can be uber helpful.

  5. Aw i love this outfit! I love the blazer to your leopard print flats. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I totally agree, I’m glad at least I don’t use all the bottles of foundation every single day or else I’ll go broke! It was definitely an eye-opener for sure. 🙂

    xo – Sheila

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