The Cardigan Herding Kelley

Fall is on it’s way, and you know what that means right?  Cardigan weather!  Wearing cardigans is one of the many reasons why fall is my favorite time of year.  So, in honor of all of those open front sweaters that we’ll be sporting soon, I decided to do a round up with one of my favorite cardigans.

I’ve also written up a few tips on how you can incorporate bright colored cardigans into your fall outfits this year.  Let’s get to it!

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating outfits with bright colored cardigans this fall:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these seven outfits, and see how those tips and tricks apply to them shall we?

This outfit makes use of both tip #1 and tip #2.  Obviously, this would be a pretty boring outfit if it weren’t for the pop of color that the cardigan adds.  However, what may be a little less obvious is that this “dress” is actually a skirt, with means it is completely shapeless and not at all flattering without this cardigan belted over it.

Colorblocking isn’t going anywhere guys, and brights are going to be everywhere this fall. So, take a tip from this outfit and use trick #3 to pair your bright cardigans with your other favorite bright pieces and create wonderful colorblocked outfits this fall.

This outfit is a favorite of mine! It uses tips #3 and #4 to create a colorblocked look that is complete, pulled together, and much more interesting than an everyday T-shirt and jeans outfit.

I know, I know, “This doesn’t look like a fall outfit!” And you may be right for the area that you live in.  But for Arizona, this is a PERFECT fall outfit.  Still, if you’re living somewhere that gets BELOW 95 degrees in the fall, I would suggest adding tights and boots to this outfit for a cozy autumn outfit. Just about everyone has a simple little black dress in their closet. Put that baby on, use tip #1 and you’ve got yourself a fall outfit staple!

I love me some casual outfits for fall!  This outfit uses a mixture of tips #4 and #6 to create a fun and casual outfit that’s pulled together, but not too overwhelming.

Tips #5 and #6 come together in this look to create a chic fall outfit.

This final outfit is another one of my favorites!  As weird as it seems, it combines tip #1 and tip #6.  You see, while most of the items in this outfit are neutral pieces (black and white top & plain blue jeans), it also contains a pattern (polka dots) that could be a bit overwhelming for a casual look.  Adding a bright solid color cardigan brings interest while also toning down any “load” pieces.

There you have it friends, a cardigan round up to help get you ready for fall.  What way are you most looking forward to using your cardigans in the coming months?

-The Cardigan Herding Kelley

P.S. My cardigan is thrifted, but you can find a similar one HERE, HERE, and HERE.


22 thoughts on “The Cardigan Herding Kelley

  1. Those are great suggestions, Kelley! I have a thrifting date with myself later this week, and I plan on finding some colorful cardigans to brighten up my wardrobe a bit. I might not end up finding anything, but I certainly plan to do so!

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