The Seam Stretching Kelley

Necklace: DIY  Everything Else: Thrifted

You know how sometimes after your pants come out of the dryer they’re suddenly three sizes smaller than they were BEFORE you put them in, and you have to wiggle and squirm your way into them and then do some squats and lunges to stretch them out?  Please tell me this isn’t just me…

Either way, I was doing that with these pants while putting on this outfit and I heard a snap that sounded a bit too much like a seam ripping.  I then let out a very audible and very LOUD, “NNNNOOOOOO!!!!”  You see, even though I may have to wiggle my booty into these purple pants, they fit like a glove once I get them on, and I LOVE them.  We’re talking more love than Romeo had for Juliet or Rose had for Jack (I will NOT let these pants sink to the bottom of a freezing ocean, I don’t care what ship is sinking!).

So, I’m happy to announce that after searching for a while, I didn’t find any tears or ripped seams.  Still, if you notice any giant holes in these photos that I’m not seeing, please give me a heads up. Not that I’ll stop wearing these pants, but I should at least be aware of destroyed areas so that I can cover them up with purple duct tape 😉

-The Seam Stretching Kelley


11 thoughts on “The Seam Stretching Kelley

  1. Oh no!! I hate when that happens. I’ve heard that awful noise with shirts before. I’m glad there’s not a hole (I can’t spot one either). 🙂 Those are really awesome pants. I love your necklace!

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