The Road Tripping Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted  Skirt: Thrifted Top: Target (similar) Necklace: Gift

I know lots of people have a love/hate relationship with road trips, but I LOVE them. My husband and I “fell in love” on a 24 hour road trip and we’ve both really enjoyed them ever since.  I can’t say for sure why we both love them so much, but I think it’s a mixture of the memory of that first road trip together, being able to spend hours together with nothing to do but hang out and chat, and having an excuse to eat WAY too much junk food.

Anywho, the point to all of this is that the hubs and I are headed to California for a long weekend to hang out with the other WONDERFUL half of Radiant Photography.  So, it’s road trip time for us, YEAH!

How do you guys feel about road trips?

-The Road Tripping Kelley


15 thoughts on “The Road Tripping Kelley

  1. Woohoo!! Have fun on your road trip!! My fiance and I haven’t taken a proper one yet, but I’m looking forward to us doing so sometime in the next couple years.

    I love your knotted top and that long skirt. What a cute comfy look 🙂

  2. My gracious, you are just TEENY tiny, how do you stay so thin?! I love the long purple skirt and knotted top, really casual but still fun! Have a blast on your road trip…planning on myself soon, they are just so much fun.

    ❤ Cambria

  3. I always think a road trip is going to be fun because I’ve got my husband as a captive audience to talk to… but he always wants to listen to pod casts instead, ha. Love this outfit for travel – looks so comfortable and the knot makes it so snazzy.

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