The Song Singing Kelley

Necklace: DIY Glasses: Warby Parker (Webb) Everything Else: Thrifted

I found this dress while thrifting a while back, and I can’t believe it hasn’t made it’s way onto the blog yet!  I mean a polka dot knee length dress?!  It’s kinda perfect!  I’m at a complete loss as to why anyone would have ever gotten rid of it.

Anywho, this is the outfit I wore while singing at church last Sunday. Longer length skirts and dresses (or pants) are a MUST when singing on stage… A while back, I learned that from the seats, the dresses and skirts on stage look about 3 inches shorter than they really are… And I didn’t feel like giving people a full fledged anatomy lesson on Sunday morning 😉

Moving on… this is also the dress I was wearing when I heard one of my new favorite songs, “Well Done” by Moriah Peters.  Our worship pastor’s daughter sang it on Sunday (and did an AMAZING job I might add) and I’ve been singing it ever since.  It’s STUCK. IN. MY. HEAD!  But, it’s okay, cause it’s awesome.  I’m not going to dog on Christian music right now… But I will say that Moriah Peter’s voice is a HUGE breath of fresh air in this genre, and more along the lines of the style I listen to on a regular basis 😉

You can check out the song HERE if you want to. But just know, it’s catchy and WILL stick in your head (you’ve been warned!).

-The Song Singing Kelley

P.S. Get ready to hear all about our trip to California soon 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Song Singing Kelley

  1. What a gorgeous dress!! Haha, I had no idea that hem lines looked 3 inches shorter from the audience. I love it when songs I really like get stuck in my head, but it’s soo annoying when it’s one I don’t enjoy. I’m glad you have a good one stuck in yours 🙂

    • Oh yes, I’ve been on both sides of this… Fearing my skirt is too short while on stage, and seeing a person in a skirt that is WAY too short on stage (but looks totally fine in person when we’re standing right next to each other). So I’m super careful about it now lol

  2. Oh my gosh, gorgeous! I love polka dots, and this dress is perfect! J. Crew has one for a ridiculous amount of money right now – I wish I was as lucky as you and could find one thrifted!

    • LOL sometimes I worry that people are going to stop believing me when I list something as “thrifted”, but it’s true. I pretty much only shop at thrift stores these days, so I’m there often enough to find treasures now and then I guess 🙂

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