The Sixth Thriftly Inspired Kelley

Coral Denim Jacket

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For more info on the story behind the Thrifted Inspiration series, check out this post!

Bargain Beauty: I’m pretty sure this Dorothy Perkins Pink Denim Jacket is nearly DEAD ON the same as the inspiration piece I thrifted.  The only difference is that it might be slightly shorter and have more of a cropped fit, which I sometimes find myself wanting from my jacket anyway. Right now it’s ON SALE for $21.00 down from $69.00!

Lavishly Lovely This beautiful coral Denim Jacket from Piperlime seems as though it’s a deeper coral color than the inspiration piece that I own. That being said, I think I like this color even better (it seems like more of a coral and less of a pink).  While this lavish version is a slightly different color than mine, it looks like the fit is pretty much the same as the inspiration piece.  As of right now, this jacket is on sale as well.  It’s currently $69.99 down from $88.00.

Are you excited about wearing denim jackets this fall?  Will yours be colored?

-The Sixth Thriftly Inspired Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Sixth Thriftly Inspired Kelley

  1. What a cute jacket! I love the way you paired it with simple dress and the leopard print.

    I don’t have a denim jacket, and every now and then I wish I had one, but every time I go to look for one in the thrift store, the only ones there are huge and crazy looking, usually with some sort of strange embroidery. I guess it’s just not meant to be haha 🙂

  2. I am indeed excited about denim jackets for the fall… though for the moment I’m sticking to my regular denim one, or else I’m going to end up with an excessive number of jackets in my closet. Love these options though!

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