The Time Lord Kelley

Chucks: Target (Similar) – Jeans: Thrifted (Similar)

Top: Thrifted (originally from J.Crew… Similar ON SALE)

Jacket: Thrifted (originally from Gap … Similar)

Something amazing happened yesterday guys, my husband and I actually had time to take photos of EACH OTHER! Yea, that’s right… We had TIME! I think we may have taken a trip in the TARDIS and completely forgotten about it (although who could forget about traveling in the freaking TARDIS?!), because there’s really no other way to account for the extra 45 mins that randomly showed up in our day. Granted, we WERE test shooting for the two family sessions that we have coming up this Saturday, but it was “free time” all the same. I think I may have forgotten how much fun it is to just walk around and explore with nothing but my husband and our cameras. I’m glad we decided to work together, he’s pretty awesome 🙂

-The Time Lord Kelley


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