The Still Alive Kelley

Guess what?! I’m still alive! It’s true, I just checked my pulse to make sure 😉

Still, this may not be true for long, because other than keeping myself busy with photographycraft tutorials, and the shop, I’ve been training to run a 5k. Yup, that’s right… I have to TRAIN just to get my butt out of bed/off the couch/away from the bag of potato chips and run 3.2 miles. You see, in general, I love it when I’m in a place where I’m exercising on a regular basis… but I don’t necessarily enjoy exercising on a regular basis 😉

I never really understood why this was (I mean most people find it difficult to make time to exercise… But I felt like there was something deeper going on here), until I got real with myself at the end of last year. I started thinking about it and I realized that I have almost absolutely NO faith in my body. I’m often worried about getting sick, my bend towards high cholesterol is on my mind more than I’d like to admit (especially when I’m eating something delicious like a grilled cheese sandwich…), and when I think about doing something like running a 5k, I usually imagine myself having an asthma attack and keeling over.

Once I realized that this was the real root of my issues with exercise, I deemed it ridiculous, and decided to make a real effort to push myself and work hard at getting fit. I may have a hard time having faith in my body, but I do have faith in the God who made it, asthmatic though it may be. So, I’m going to try my hardest to do my best with what He has given me.

The 5k is less than a week away. Here’s hoping I make it across the finish line with a pulse.

-The Still Alive Kelley


  • Boots: Ross (Click HERE and search for “Y-NOT Drew”)
  • Socks: Target (Exact)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (Similar)
  • Top: Thrifted (Similar)
  • Sweater: Forever21 (Similar)
  • Necklace: Forever21 (Similar)

13 thoughts on “The Still Alive Kelley

    • I’ve found that it’s kind of fun to challenge myself. I downloaded an app on my phone to keep track of my time, distance, pace, etc… And now that it’s more like a game (in which I try to beat myself) I have a little more fun with it.

  1. Looking cute, and your hair is fabulous as usual! You’ll do great on the 5k. A couple of years ago it was my New Year’s resolution to do one, and now I do half marathons… the more you just keep at it, the easier running gets (I feel a lot less like I’m going to die now that I’m used to it, ha), and the more fun it gets too. You can do it!

    • Thanks so much! That’s super encouraging. I’m a little worried I might now like the whole “race” aspect. I used to run cross country and track for a really short period of time in school, and the races just made me SUPER anxious… Like to the point where I felt like I was going to throw up… Hopefully this time it will feel more like fun and less like having a heart attack 😉

  2. Love this outfit! Wonderful layers!

    Congrats on the 5K training! I did one two summers ago and would really like to do another one, we’ll see how it goes this year – way too cold here to run outside right now!

    • I hear that! It was in the 30s here in the early mornings a little while back, and that was HORRIBLE to run in. I can’t even imagine running in the winter time in a place that’s not Phoenix!

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