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Remember how I mentioned that I was doing a 5k soon? Well, it took place this past Saturday. Here’s how it all went down…

Our alarm went off at 6:30 am (yup… 6:30 AM on a SATURDAY!), and on what would seem like a negative note, the first word out of my mouth that morning was, “CRAP!” Not because I wasn’t looking forward to the race, and not because I was too sleepy to drag myself out of bed. Nope, my reason for starting the morning off with an expletive was weather related.

The first thing my husband did when he got out of bed was open the our bedroom door that leads to the outside patio. He wanted to check on the weather to see what we should wear. As the door opened, we both heard giant drops of rain plopping down into the pool in our backyard. It was POURING! This wasn’t something we trained for, and doing our first 5k in Phoenix, AZ, it wasn’t something we really thought we needed to train for.

Honestly, one of my biggest worries while preparing for this race was the fact that we had to wear white (one of the Color Run rules), and white running shirts can be pretty darn transparent. Throw in lots of rain… And well, you see why the second thing I said that morning was, “Color run? More like a giant wet T-shirt competition…” Still, we were going to do this thing! So, we got ready, dressing in more layers than we had ever run in before (partially so we wouldn’t freeze, and partially so I wouldn’t be running around in clear clothing).

As we headed out, I checked the weather report… Rain ALL. DAY. LONG. That never really happens in Phoenix. If it rains at all here, it’ll rain for a little while in the morning, then stop for a few hours, and then pick back up again at night. So despite the calculations of the all knowing weather app, I still held out a bit of hope that the rain may let up by the time we started running.

But, this was what our drive looked like when we were about 10 minutes from the race location….

Yeah, it really was going to rain the whole day. But you know what’s weird? Somewhere between the time I took that rainy photo and the moment we parked our car, I decided the rain was a good thing. The Color Run has always been described as more of a “fun run” ( they don’t even time it), but I’d still been taking it somewhat seriously. Yes, I knew they were going to be throwing color in my face, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still going to run my butt off. But now with the rain, our white (soon to be transparent) clothes, and all that crazy color, the run just seemed a little ridiculous. I mean we wouldn’t even be able to bring our phones so that we could track our pace or time ourselves (between the color and the amount of water falling from the sky, we weren’t risking taking our phones out there).

So, I decided to just relax and let the “fun run” be truly fun. And you know what? I had a BLAST!

The hubs and I met up with his aunt and uncle (we had been training with them) in the parking lot, and we started the 10 minute wet walk to the race location. Turns out, those two had the flu guys. All of the ridiculousness of the day PLUS the FLU, and they still came out. Those two are troopers I tell ya!

The four of us started the race together. We started at a steady running pace, and we were fully enjoying laughing at everyones silly race outfits and dodging color bombs. As we ran through the first color zone (RED), our little flu buddies started feeling like they needed some walking time, and I didn’t blame them one bit. I don’t think I would have shown up if I was that sick, and having tons of a weird powdery substance thrown into your lungs wouldn’t help matters.

So, we walked for a bit, still having fun. Everyone around us was enjoying the race, AND the rain. It just made the day that much more silly and awesome. A little while later, the hubs and I decided that we wanted to run the rest of the race, so we planned to meet up with his aunt and uncle at the end of the race, and we were off.

I would say that about 85 – 90% of the people at the Color Run spent most of the race walking. That wasn’t at ALL what I had expected. To tell you the truth, I think most of them were walking just because they were loving the event SO much! They didn’t want to quickly get the race over with, they wanted to take their time and fully enjoy it.

Still, for my husband and I, enjoying it meant running (we’ve actually come to really like running believe it or not). Honestly it was almost harder to run than it was to walk, simply because you had to try to run around all of the walking people. Nonetheless, we had a really great time running the second half of the race. We stomped in puddles up to our knees and got pelted with lots more colorful goodness!

After the race, we we met up with my husband’s aunt and uncle, went back to our homes to get cleaned up (I STILL have blue toes from all of that blue powder), and then headed to In-N-Out Burger for a post race lunch (their grilled cheese is to DIE for!).

Overall I have to say, I don’t know if the race could have gone any better. I was upset about the rain at first, but now I know that it made the day even more fun. I haven’t run in that many puddles since I was like five years old, and it was awesome to see hundreds of grown ups enjoying themselves as they got to act like kids for a little while.

I will say that I definitely want to sign up for another race soon. I think it was a good thing that my first 5k was a fun run, but now that I’ve finished it up, I think I’m ready to try something a bit more serious. We’ll see…

Do any of you have running experience? Have you ever tried a “fun run” are do you like to keep your races more on the serious side?

-The Colorful Kelley


10 thoughts on “The Colorful Kelley

  1. My roommate and I did a color run in the fall – it was really fun! I’d like to run more, but I struggle with shin splints, so I don’t go out running very often.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you and your husband had a blast despite the rain. That photo of the two of you is adorable 🙂

    • Oh man, I’ve been lucky to never have shin splits before, but I’ve heard that they’re horrible! I wonder if there are any kinds of special stretches or anything you can do to prevent them.

  2. Good for you tackling that run in the rain! I’m super self-competitive, so I have an impossible time making a race just “fun”, but I will say that the more I’ve gotten into running, the more fun I think it is to do in general (and races get addicting!). That’s kind of the beauty of running, which you really see in a fun race event like this – when it comes to running, everyone can go at their own pace and do their own thing and just enjoy doing it. Good luck on your next one! 🙂

    • I’m pretty self-competitive too, that’s one reason I was worried that I would be too stressed to run well. But it was a blast! I think I’ll keep doing fun runs, and see how I like the more serious ones too 🙂

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