The Skinny Jean Rocking Kelley

See those jeans? I haven’t been able to squeeze my booty into those babies since the very first weeks of my marriage, almost SIX years ago (Side note, why do we as women torment ourselves by KEEPING items of clothing that don’t fit for SO long?!)! For a long time I blamed it on all that yummy food they kept temping us with during our honeymoon cruise, but let’s be real, I think it was time to forgive and forget. That creme brûlée was amazing, but I don’t think I’ve been carrying it around as extra weight for the last six years.

I have to be honest and say that when I started running this October, my plan was not to loose weight. In fact, this was one of the first times I’ve ever started to regularly exercise without weight loss as my end goal. If you’ve read my recent “Still Alive” post, you know my reasons for running this time. But I will say, having to pull these jeans out of the “donate” pile in the back of my closet so that I could find a pair of jeans that fit… THAT is definitely an extra perk that I’m enjoying!

Okay, maybe a little more than enjoying… After I zipped these babies up, I may have run into my husband’s home office and proceeded to shake my booty whilst screaming, “Running FTW!!!” I might have added some fist pumps as well 😉

-The Skinny Jean Rocking Kelley


  • Loafers: Thrifted Steve Madden (Similar)
  • Jeans: American Eagle (Exact)
  • Coat: Target (Similar)
  • Sweatshirt: Gap OLD (Similar)
  • Button-up: Target
  • Necklace: DIY (Similar)

P.S. I was going to name this post “The Booty Shaking Kelley”, but apparently I already used that title here… I think it’s time to stop talking about my butt so much on this blog.


16 thoughts on “The Skinny Jean Rocking Kelley

  1. Love your outfit as usual! Your camera angles and the way youre standing don’t show how skinny you really are though. If you lose anymore weight I’ll be like, where is she!?! When you’re standing right in front of me lol.

  2. fitting into “skinny clothes” is a definite perk. and the lighting in these photos is beautiful. almost like your reunion with those jeans was divined by the gods. have a good one!

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