The Snug Kelley

Lately, when I wake up in the morning and stumble into my closet, I have one goal in mind: I want to be NOT cold.

You see when you live in Phoenix and pay out the wazoo for air conditioning 8 – 9 months of the year, you become a member of the heater police in the winter time. What are the specific duties of the heater police you ask? Mostly just to slap somebody across the face if they even THINK about turning the heater on.

This job is getting harder and harder as our desert weather has decided that 40 – 50 degree temperatures are acceptable. So I pile as many layers onto my body as I can, and then I usually top it all off with my snuggie while in the comfort (or not to much comfort because it’s FREEZING) of my own home.

I tell you what, we need to find a way to make snuggies socially and fashionably acceptable to wear out in public. They’re magical and I love them.

-The Snug Kelley



15 thoughts on “The Snug Kelley

  1. I love your cardigan!! What a cute look – the layers are fantastic. I know what you mean about the cold, lately it seems like I can never get warm.

    I hope things warm up there soon! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Love the dots! I spend the whole day freezing in my home too – and I have the heater on here in the north… so the grass isn’t greener I guess? (In fact, mine’s super brown and dead looking, haha.) Layers are key for sure.

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